Welcome to the Greninger Lab

We strive to understand viruses – how they are transmitted, how they evolve, and how they affect their hosts. We use a wide range of techniques including next-generation sequencing, culture models and screens, and biochemical/biophysical characterization of viral gene products. Our research is tightly integrated with the clinical laboratories of the University of Washington Medical Center.

We are always looking for talented and motivated people to join the lab.  Please reach out to Alex directly at agrening@uw.edu.

Support Dr. Greninger and UW Virology in the fight against all the virus outbreaks

The pandemic had Dr.Alex Greninger working days and nights to ensure we could have a functioning COVID-19 test for our community. In his casual hoodies, Greninger was jumping through hoops with the FDA to receive the testing approval and partnering with local government and privates companies to continue expanding testing capacity. With his forward vision, he led UW Virology Laboratory to the forefront of our response to this pandemic, and discovered more than 70% of WA state’s confirmed cases. 

To honor the tireless work of Dr. Greninger and UW Virology, we are dedicated this fundraiser to acknowledge all that they have done to protect the health of the public and support the department future work. Your meaningful gesture would allow Greninger and the department to continue protect us through the challenges ahead and through any future virus outbreaks. 

We hope that you will consider a gift to support our work and  to be a part of this important work!

Thank you.