Colin Studholme, PhD


phone: +1 206 221 7022


C. Studholme, PhDDr. Studholme's research is focused on mathematical and computational techniques to study brain anatomy and its change over time, with a particular focus on fetal and premature neonatal brain growth. His research group, the Biomedical Image Computing Group, is working on new techniques to solve the problem of how to produce images of the human fetal head in utero — which is especially challenging because the fetal head is often moving. Dr. Studholme's group uses magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to solve this problem and provide the first high–resolution 3D images of early human brain growth. As part of this project, his group has developed a 4–dimensional computational map of tissue volume changes and surface shape changes that occur when the human brain surface begins to fold, in a process that will go on to form the complex anatomy of the adult human brain. In recent papers, Dr. Studholme's team has mapped the points at which the first differences in the left and right sides of the brain emerge in the developing fetus. The team has developed techniques to accurately compare brain anatomy in premature babies to that of normally developing fetuses. In addition to his ongoing research in this area, he will be a co–investigator on the randomized controlled trial of Epo neuroprotection in extremely preterm infants (PENUT Trial), with the specific aim of evaluating brain growth of Epo treated infants as compared to controls.

Dr. Studholme is also Professor of Pediatrics and Bioengineering, and Adjunct Professor of Radiology. He completed his Ph.D. in medical physics and biophysics from the University of London and a postdoctoral fellowship in diagnostic radiology at Yale University. He has served as faculty at the University of California–San Francisco, visiting faculty member in biomedical engineering at the Mayo Clinic and at the Fields Institute of the University of Toronto, and has recently become an associate editor for the journal IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging.


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