What's New at the BCL

Winter 2012

Student research opportunities available for more information, see our student projects page.

Spring-Summer 2011

Student Projects:

  1. Aaron Hoffer (MS student), "Programming Massively Parallel Systems"
  2. Justice Devara, "GPU Programming"
  3. Warner Smidt, "BrainGrid and CUDA"

Summer 2010

In collaboration with Prof. Kelvin Sung, the laboratory has earned a Professor Partnership Grant with NVIDIA Corporation for general-purpose graphics processing unit (GPU) high-performance computing hardware.

Winter-Spring 2010

Student Projects:

  1. Fumitaka Kawasaki (MS student), "GPU API for Computational Neuroscience"
  2. Sean McCallum, "BrainGrid and CUDA"
  3. Ethan Crawford, "BrainGrid Re-engineering"

Summer-Fall 2009

Student Project:
Sean McCallum, "Pendant EEG: A Brain-Computer Interface"

Conference Paper:

Ramamurthy, K., A. Spanias, L. Hinnov, C. Akujuobi, M. Stiber, M. Pattichis, E. Doering, C. Pattichis, H. Thornburg, A. Papandreou-Suppappola, P. Spanias, R. Ayyanar, E. Campana, S. Haag, "Work in Progress --- Collaborative Multi-Disciplinary J-DSP Software Project", 39th ASEE/IEEE Frontiers in Education Conference, San Antonio, October 18 - 21, 2009.

Winter-Spring 2009

Student Projects:

  1. Cory Mayberry, "CSim simulator re-engineering for BrainGrid"
  2. Allan Ortiz, "Development of a new cortical culture simulator: BrainGrid

Fall 2008

Prof. Stiber has been appointed Director of the Computing and Software Systems Program. May God have mercy on his soul.