What's New at the BCL

Student research opportunities available. For more information about the wide range of projects we're working on that undergraduates and graduate students can contribute to, please see our student projects page.


Meetings for Fall 2017

We will be meeting on Fridays, starting September 29, 10AM-noon, in room UW1-260M. Prospective lab members are welcome to attend!

Conference Paper:

Stiber, M., F. Kawasaki, D. Davis, H.U. Asuncion, J.Y.H. Chu, and D. Boyer, "BrainGrid+Workbench: High-Performance/High-Quality Neural Simulation," Proc. International Joint Conference on Neural Networks, Anchorage, Alaska, May 14–19, 2017.

Coffee becomes science Presenting paper

Coffee being turned into science!

Prof. Stiber presenting the obligatory GPU figure.


Prof. Stiber received a Fulbright Scholar Award to visit the Czech Academy of Sciences in Prague, to collaborate on neural coding research with colleagues in their Institute of Physiology's department of computational neuroscience. He will be there during winter quarter 2018 and promises to post regular updates.

Student Projects:

  1. Destiny Boyer: language-interoperable serialization for simulation configuration
  2. Jewel Yun-Hsuan Chu: BrainGrid+Workbench code maturity
  3. Amy Rapin: spatio-temporal neural data collection
  4. Tom Hon-Choi Wong: dynamic GUI for Workbench


Conference Paper:

Stiber, M., F. Kawasaki, M. Strange, and A. Watson, "Bringing high performance neural simulation to the desktop with BrainGrid", Proc. International Workshop on Neuronal Coding, Cologne, Germany, August 29 – September 2, 2016.


Profs. Stiber and Asuncion earned a UW Bothell CSS Research Assistantship Grant


Student Projects:

  1. Andrew Watson: multi-GPU BrainGrid


Open-Source Book and Resources:

Stiber, M., B.Z. Stiber, and E.C. Larson, Signal Computing: Digital Signals in the Software Domain.

Journal Paper:

Kawasaki, F. and M. Stiber, "A simple model of cortical culture growth: burst property dependence on network composition and activity", Biological Cybernetics 108(4): 423-443, 2014.

Invited Presentation:

Kawasaki, F. and M. Stiber, "Growing neural networks with GPUs", Osaka University, October 2014.

Student Projects (BrainGrid):

  1. Aaron Oziel
  2. Andrew Watson
  3. Terence Schumacher