What's New at the BCL


Student research opportunities available. For more information about the wide range of projects we're working on that undergraduates and graduate students can contribute to, please see our student projects page.

Conference Paper:

Davis, D., H. Asuncion, and M. Stiber, "Software and Data Provenance in Computational Neuroscience Research", 11th IEEE International Conference on eScience, Munich, Germany, August 31–September 04, 2015, submitted.


Open-Source Book and Resources:

Stiber, M., B.Z. Stiber, and E.C. Larson, Signal Computing: Digital Signals in the Software Domain.

Journal Paper:

Kawasaki, F. and M. Stiber, "A simple model of cortical culture growth: burst property dependence on network composition and activity", Biological Cybernetics 108(4): 423-443, 2014.

Invited Presentation:

Kawasaki, F. and M. Stiber, "Growing neural networks with GPUs", Osaka University, October 2014.

Student Projects (BrainGrid):

  1. Aaron Oziel
  2. Andrew Watson
  3. Terence Schumacher


Conference Paper:

Kawasaki, F. and M. Stiber, "Stimulation effects on cortical culture development", International Conference on Cognitive Neurodynamics, Sigtuna, Sweden, June 23–27, 2013.

Student Projects (BrainGrid):

  1. Paul Bunn
  2. Derek McLean
  3. Hugo Ribeiro
  4. Sean Blackbourn
  5. Chris Burgess
  6. Mitch Carlson, "Analysis of a Neural Network: CUDA Simulation Verification and Documentation"


Conference Paper:

Kawasaki, F. and M. Stiber, "Bursting behavior in a large-scale model of cortical network development", BIOCOMP 2012 — Mathematical Modeling and Computational Topics in Biosciences, Vietri sul Mare, Italy, June 4–8, 2012.

Master's Thesis:

F. Kawasaki, "Accelerating large-scale simulations of cortical neuronal network development"

Spring-Summer 2011

Student Projects:

  1. Aaron Hoffer (MS student), "Programming Massively Parallel Systems"
  2. Justice Devara, "GPU Programming"
  3. Warner Smidt, "BrainGrid and CUDA"

Summer 2010

In collaboration with Prof. Kelvin Sung, the laboratory has earned a Professor Partnership Grant with NVIDIA Corporation for general-purpose graphics processing unit (GPU) high-performance computing hardware.

Winter-Spring 2010

Student Projects:

  1. Fumitaka Kawasaki (MS student), "GPU API for Computational Neuroscience"
  2. Sean McCallum, "BrainGrid and CUDA"
  3. Ethan Crawford, "BrainGrid Re-engineering"