University of Washington Seattle Children's

Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Division Faculty


Dr. Bergquist

Avanti Bergquist, MD

Acting Assistant Professor
PBMU Interim Medical Director
Areas of Interest: Inpatient psychiatric care, applying continuous performance improvement in health care

Dr. Brkanac

Zoran Brkanac, MD

Associate Professor
Areas of Interest: Behavioral genetics of hereditary ataxias and reading disability

Dr. Breiger

David Breiger, PhD

Clinical Associate Professor
Areas of Interest: Neurocognitive outcome in children with brain tumors, autism, informed consent/ethics, neurodevelopmental disorders


Hilda Campbell, PhD

Clinical Instructor
Areas of Interest: Pediatric psychology, chronic pain, depression and anxiety


Lee Carlisle, MD

Assistant Professor
Areas of Interest: Child abuse, PTSD, pervasive developmental disorders, developmental therapy, psychopharmacology and metabolic effects of atypical antipsychotics

Dr. Carmichael Olson

Heather Carmichael Olson, PhD

Senior Lecturer and Research Faculty
Areas of Interest: Diagnosis and intervention with families raising drug and alcohol-affected children, children with fetal alcohol spectrum disorders and fetal alcohol syndrome, infant and early childhood mental health assessment and intervention

Dr. Collett

Brent Collett, PhD

Associate Professor
Director, Early Childhood Clinic; Attending Psychologist, Cosultation-Liaison Service
Areas of Interest: Early childhood mental health, pediatric psychology, neurodevelopmental sequelae of craniofacial disorders and other chronic medical conditions.


Dan Crawford, MD

Interim Medical Director, Inpatient Psychiatry Unit
Acting Assistant Professor
Areas of Interest: Inpatient psychiatric care, applying continuous performance improvement in health care

Dr. Dillon-Naftolin

Erin Dillon-Naftolin, MD

Acting Associate Professor
Outpatient Clinic Supervisor
Areas of Interest: Anxiety, Depression, Integrated Care


Cynta Flynn, PhD

Acting Assistant Professor
Areas of Interest: Eating disorders, adolescent depression and suicidality

Dr. French

William French, MD

Assistant Professor
Assistant Training Program Director for Outpatient Psychiatry; Assistant Outpatient Medical Director; Assistant rotation coordinator for F1 outpatient training clinic; F2 outpatient rotation coordinator for Odessa Brown Children's Clinic, Harborview Medical Center, and school-based health center rotations; Research clinician at PEARL clinic; faculty member of UW Integrated Care Training Program (UW ICTP)
Areas of Interest: Health care delivery improvement (i.e. Implementation Science), measurement-based care, collaborative/integrated care, fellowship education and training, ADHD, disruptive behavioral disorders, aggressive behaviors, school-based consultations, telepsychiatry, rural health, maltreatment and neglect, PANDAS, systems of care, community mental health, underserved populations


Alison Golombek, MD

Clinical Psychiatrist
Areas of Interest: Autism, outpatient C/L

Dr. Gudmundsen

Gretchen Gudmundsen, PhD

Assistant Professor
Attending Psychologist, Outpatient Continuity Clinic Team; Clinical Supervisor, Interpersonal and Social Rhythm Therapy (IPSRT)
Areas of Interest: Adolescent mood disorders; developing and tailoring psychosocial intervention for adolescent depression with attention to integration of lab-based measurement and fMRI; Behavioral Activation; Interpersonal and Social Rhythm Therapy (IPSRT)

Dr. Hilt

Robert Hilt, MD

Program Director, Partnership Access Line
Associate Professor
Areas of Interest: Access to child psychiatry, psychiatry training for primary care, systems of care, consultation and emergency psychiatry

Dr. Hsiao

Ray Hsiao, MD

Associate Professor
Program Director, Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Training Program;Co-Director, Adolescent Substance Abuse Program
Areas of Interest: Addiction psychiatry, co-occurring disorders, cultural psychiatry, public policy and advocacy through professional organizations; research areas include screening, assessment, prevention and treatment of substance use disorders, assessment and treatment of co-occurring disorders, adapting evidence-based practices in Asian-Americans and other ethnic minorities, and health services utilization

Dr. Jorgenson

Alicia Jorgenson, MD

Acting Assistant Professor
Co-Chair, Curriculum Committee; RESC Committee Member
Areas of Interest: Adolescent depression and anxiety, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy in adolescents, teaching psychiatry residents and fellows


Soo-Jeong Kim, MD

Associate Professor
Areas of Interest: Autism spectrum disorders, Prader-Willi syndrome, genetic factors contributing to restricted and repetitive behavior

Dr. Kodish

Ian Kodish, MD, PhD

Assistant Professor
Attending Psychiatrist, Chief of Consultation/Liaison Service; Assistant Training Director; Member of RESC, CCC, SCH Child Protection Team, SCH Clinical Standards Committee, CUMG Clinical Practice Committee; Leader of UW Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Clinician-Educator Track faculty meeting
Areas of Interest: Consult and liaison psychiatry, neuroplasticity, somatization disorders, psychotic illnesses, including schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, telepsychiatry, emergency psychiatry


Terry Lee, MD

Assistant Professor
Areas of Interest: Evidence-based practice and its dissemination, multisystemic treatment, mental health in juvenile justice, systems of care, and cultural psychiatry

Dr. McCauley

Elizabeth McCauley, PhD, ABPP

Interim Director, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
Areas of Interest: Developmental psychopathology with a focus on mood disorders, treatment of depression and suicidality, school based preventive interventions, management of depression in primary care

Dr. McClellan

Jack McClellan, MD

Medical Director, Child Study and Treatment Center
Areas of Interest: Genomics of complex neuropsychiatric disease; diagnosis and treatment of early onset psychotic disorders, particularly bipolar disorder and schizophrenia

Dr. McKeever

James McKeever, PhD

Clinical Associate Professor
Areas of Interest: Empirically-supported treatments; diagnostic assessment and child neuropsychology; AD/HD, depression, anxiety and OCD, medically-involved children

Dr. Mead

Hilary Mead, PhD

Supervising Clinical Psychologist
Lecturer in motivational interviewing and soicial and emotional adolescent development; Group format psychotherapy supervisor
Areas of Interest: Developmental Psychopathology, Incredible Years Parent and Child Training, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Functional Analytic Psychotherapy

Dr. Melman

Kathy Melman, PhD

Clinical Director, Outpatient Psychiatry; Director, Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) Program; F1 CBT Anxiety Clinic outpatient rotation supervisor; F2 DBT rotation supervisor; Lecturer on areas of expertise
Areas of Interest: Anxiety disorders, parenting interventions, DBT, hiking, yoga, dance, travel, family


Kathleen Myers, MD, MPH, MS

Director, Telemental Health Service
Associate Professor
Areas of Interest: Psychiatric illness in medically ill youth, bipolar disorder, early onset psychotic disorders, telemedicine/health services


Felice Orlich, PhD

Clinical Associate Professor
Areas of Interest: Diagnosis and interdisciplinary evidence based interventions for autism spectrum disorders; working with children with co-occurring medical, educational and psychiatric needs; social anxiety, adjustment to chronic medical/neurological issues, and neuropsychological assessment

Dr. Rockhill

Carol Rockhill, MD, PhD, MPH

Associate Professor
Interim Medical Director, Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry; Director of Outpatient Psychiatry Clinics; Attending Psychiatrist
Areas of Interest: Childhood and adolescent depression, depression with comorbid aggression or conduct problems, anxiety disorders, traumatic brain injury with co-occurring psychiatric illness, psychopharmacology, ADHD, collaborative care

Dr. Roesler

Thomas Roesler, MD

Professor Emeritus
Family Therapy Supervisor
Areas of Interest: Role of the family in the expression of emotional and physical illness, family therapy, and family systems approaches to medical and psychiatric illness

Dr. Schoenfelder

Erin Schoenfelder, PhD

Assistant Professor
Director of Behavioral Treatment, PEARL Clinic; /attending Psychologist for Consultation/Liaison Service; Supervising Psychologist, Psychology Residency Program
Areas of Interest: ADHD diagnosis and behavioral interventions, behavioral parent management training, cognitive and behavioral treatments for anxiety

Dr. Simmons

Shannon Simmons, MD, MPH

Acting Assistant Professor
Interim Co-Medical Director, PBMU; Assistant Training Director for Inpatient Psychiatry
Areas of Interest: Inpatient psychiatric care, evidence based treatment, medical education, post traumatic stress disorder, anxiety disorders

Dr. Stein

Mark Stein, PhD, ABPP

Adjunct Professor, Pediatrics; Director, PEARL Clinic and ADHD Clinical Research Center
Areas of Interest: ADHD, Sleep, Pediatric Psychology, Medical Ethics


Michael G. Storck, MD

Associate Professor
Attending Psychiatrist, CSTC
Areas of Interest: Early adolescence, community and cultural systems, mental health for Native American youth, medical student education, introduction to clinical medicine

Dr. Varley

Christopher K. Varley, MD

Past President, American Association of Directors of Psychiatric Residency Training; Professor and Director, Education and Faculty Development
Areas of Interest: Implementation of Best Practices in child and adolescent mental health, especially regarding psychopharmacology