University of Washington Seattle Children's
Fellow Ashok Shimoji-Krishnan, MD, MPH with Attending Ian Kodish, MD during supervision

Supervision & Mentoring


Supervisors include both academic and clinical faculty, who represent a wide variety of perspectives. They supervise residents in psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioral, and other psychotherapies, as well as psychopharmacology and the integration of different treatment modalities. A large number of clinical faculty (see list below), most of whom are in private practice, complement supervision provided by the academic faculty.

All residents in their first year of child/adolescent psychiatry (CAP) training receive at least 1 hour of supervision per week from their attending while rotating on the inpatient, residential, and consultation/liaison services. Additionally, there is an hour of caseload supervision per week in the outpatient clinic, as well as an hour a week of supervision by clinical faculty, which usually takes place off-site. Residents on their first-year outpatient block and those in their second year of CAP training also receive regular supervision from their various attendings at the clinical sites where they are rotating.


Each resident in the program is matched with a faculty mentor. Residents may choose their mentors if they have a preference, or they can enlist the Program Director’s assistance in being assigned a mentor who will complement their interests. The mentor advises the resident in choosing rotations, in identifying opportunities in his or her area of interest, and in career planning. The mentor also serves as an advocate for the resident. Residents are required to meet with their mentors on at least a bi-annual basis.

List of Clinical Supervisors

Ileana Calinoiu, M.D. (private practice)
Cat Kuniyoshi, M.D. (private practice)
Mary DiOrio, M.D. (private practice)
John Dunne, M.D. (private practice)
Linda Ford, M.D. (Ryther Child Center)
Laura Kastner, Ph.D. (private practice)
Tina Lee, M.D. (private practice)
Robert McConaughy, M.D. (private practice)
James Parker, M.D. (Group Health)
Jim Peacey, M.D. (Seattle Children’s Home)
Maia Robison, M.D. (private practice)
Tom Semper, M.D. (private practice)