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Seattle Black Panther Party History and Memory Project

News Coverage


The Black Panther Party was a media magnet, attracting public attention like few other organizations in American political history. From its founding in April, 1968 until its dissolution in 1977 and even after, the Seattle BPP was often in the news. The Northwest Regional Newspaper Index maintained by the UW Libraries, Special Collections, lists more than 140 newspaper articles published in local newspapers. We present here that full database of citations along with readable digital versions of many articles (click highlighted links). These articles are courtesy of the Seattle Times, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Seattle Medium, University of Washington Daily, Seattle Afro-American Journal, Pacific Citizen, Seattle Sun, Seattle Magazine.


2/15 UW Daily Premise: series on black power
4/20 Seattle Times Black Panther group plans Seattle unit
5/9 Afro-American Journal Black Panther Party for Self Defense
7/3 Seattle Times Typical attire (photos)
7/3 Seattle Times Seattle Panthers - what’s their goal? (photo)
7/6 Seattle Times Black Panthers May Run Candidate
7/11 Afro-American Journal Rebellion sweeps central area
7/11 UW Daily Brisker tells Panther aims
7/17 Seattle Times Panthers march for 3 youths
7/25 UW Daily Clinic 8 offers advice works in 4 teams
7/30 Seattle Times 9 injured in gunfire-marked outbreak in central area
7/30 Seattle Times Panther leader charged in theft
7/30 Seattle Times Negroes criticize amount of force in police search
7/31 Seattle Post-Intelligencer Leader of Panthers free on $3,000 bail
7/31 Seattle Times Police persecution charged by leader of black panthers
7/31 Seattle Times Seattle black panther leader is released on $3,000 bond
8/2 Seattle Times $100 donated to Black Panthers at Bellevue
8/8 Seattle Times Officials probe use of school bus to aid ‘panther’ rally
8/8 Seattle Post-Intelligencer Carroll office protest “invasion” thwarted (portrait of Gossett)
8/8 Seattle Times Panther supporters decide not to storm prosecutor’s office
8/9 Seattle Times Seattle Rally Protests Black Panther’s Arrest
8/23 Seattle Post-Intelligencer Panthers, Evans, share podium
9/7 Seattle Post-Intelligencer Tension slackens at Rainier Beach
9/8 Seattle Post-Intelligencer Police to Patrol Rainier Beach
9/9 Seattle Times Warrant Issued for Panther in Harassment of Firemen
9/13 Seattle Times Mayor warns Black Panthers: tighter gun law sought
9/14 Seattle Post-Intelligencer Braman Warns Panthers
9/12 Afro-American Journal Rainier Beach School Crisis!
9/18 Seattle Times Black Panthers Nominate Curtis Harris
9/18 Seattle Times Black Panther arrested after courthouse melee
9/19 Seattle Post-Intelligencer Parents in protest meet at Franklin
9/19 Seattle Post-Intelligencer Panther to seek arrest of officers
9/19 Seattle Post-Intelligencer Crackdown pledged in school “invasions”
9/19 Seattle Times Black Panther’s trial in threat continued (photo) [Curtis Harris]
9/19 Afro-American Journal Racism, brutality in seattle courtroom: black panther’s nominee curtis harris attacked
9/19 Afro-American Journal Panthers bitter over police attacks: reprisals may result
9/20 Seattle Post-Intelligencer Panther Told Rights
9/20 Seattle Times Congress nominee asks probe of black panthers
9/21 Seattle Post-Intelligencer Black Group demands charges against 5 officers
9/24 Seattle Post-Intelligencer Controversy hot as city adopts weapons law
9/26 Seattle Times Police Cleared in arrest of Panther
9/28 Seattle Post-Intelligencer Gun-toting Panthers knew law: Braman
10/1 Seattle Magazine Black Panthers on the Prowl (pdf. file)
10/1 The Fire Fighter Central Area harassment continues
10/4 Seattle Times Black Panther Speaks at Seattle U (photo of Aaron D)
10/9 Seattle Post-Intelligencer Panther guilty of threat on officer’s life
10/10 Afro-American Journal Murder! Rising racist irresponsibility: Editorial
10/10 UW Daily 11 rads to speak at draft forum
10/11 Pacific Citizen Terrorism shakes Seattle
10/11 Seattle Times Black Panther Cleaver cancels U.W. appearance
10/13 Seattle Times 125 attend rites for dead Black Panther [Armstead] (photo)
10/15 Seattle Times “Either he or I was going to get shot,” policeman tells jury.
10/16 Seattle Post-Intelligencer Jury probes for facts in boy’s death (photos)
10/16 Seattle Times Doctor at inquest questions bullet’s path (photos)
10/16 Seattle Times Mrs. Cleaver speaks at UW teach-in, calls Wallace “punk”
10/16 UW Daily Teach-in opens but no Cleaver (photo)
10/17 Seattle Post-Intelligencer Shooting death “justifiable” inquest rules
10/17 Seattle Times Black Panther Will Appeal Conviction [Curtis Harris]
10/17 Seattle Times Negro youth’s death ruled justifiable [Armstead] (photo)
10/18 Seattle Times Blacks set own probe of killing
10/18 UW Daily Dixon to clarify Panther goals
10/22 Seattle Post-Intelligencer Rally criticizes police, mayor and prosecutor
10/22 Seattle Post-Intelligencer Municipal League report critical of police action
10/22 Seattle Times Three groups brand mayor’s guerilla statement as lie
10/22 UW Daily Dixon Clarifies Party Stand
11/5 Seattle Times Black students seek new courses (photos) [Third in series]
11/28 Seattle Times Dismissal denied for Aaron Dixon
12/2 Seattle Times Church sets term for Black Panthers
12/3 Seattle Times Robber shot in holdup try (Sidney N. Miller)
12/5 Afro-American Journal 3rd and Pine (concerns death of Sidney Miller)
12/6 Argus In Portland too- black Panthers bother high schools: small minority disrupting activities - beating students
12/12 Seattle Times 2 Black Panthers arrested after chase by police
12/16 Seattle Times Trial of Black Panther party captain starts
12/17 Seattle Times Trial of Black Panther opens
12/18 Seattle Times Two women on Urban League project testify for Dixon
12/19 Seattle Times Science highlights Dixon trial


1/21 Seattle Times Panther, 2 others charged in robbery
1/30 UW Daily Anarchy and cold salami coalesce at teach-in (picture of Dixon)
2/13 UW Daily “Pigs run the ghetto,” Newton asserts
2/27 Afro-American Journal Panther leader under attack (port. Elmer Dixon)
2/28 Seattle Post-Intelligencer Panther Visit: Capitol Comic Opera
3/1 Seattle Post-Intelligencer Angry blacks berate solons in eloquent capitol lecture
3/4 Seattle Post-Intelligencer Tiff over Olympia “invasion”
4/22 UW Daily Black women tell ordeals in climbing out of “cruel valley” (ports.)
5/2 Seattle Post-Intelligencer Rally held to support jailed Panther leader
5/2 UW Daily Citywide rally to ‘free Huey’ sponosred by Panthers, SDS
8/7 Afro-American Journal Safeway boycott
11/28 Seattle Times Dismissal denied in Aaron Dixon larceny case
12/27 Seattle Times Aaron Dixon convicted of petty larceny


2/4 Medium Free breakfast program needs food and volunteers
2/7 Seattle Post-Intelligencer Police raid of Panthers ruled out
2/26 Afro-American Journal Carl Maxey will join Angela Davis for Panther rally
3/5 Afro-American Journal Panther rally
3/12 Seattle Times Panther remark gets Uhlman White House flak
3/13 Seattle Post-Intelligencer Uhlman draws fire
4/2 Afro-American Journal Panther Party (concerns free clothing distribution)
5/6 Seattle Post-Intelligencer Meet on local panthers may convene this Monday
5/6 Seattle Post-Intelligencer Panther probes under study
5/7 Seattle Times Committee to study Seattle Panthers
5/8 Seattle Post-Intelligencer House unite to probe Black Panthers here
5/12 Seattle Times U.S. opens Seattle-panther probe
5/13 Seattle Post-Intelligencer “No special attention” for Seattle Panthers
5/13 Seattle Times Panthers failing, detective testifies
5/14 Seattle Times Seattle Panthers get grants, food stamps, probers charge
5/15 Seattle Post-Intelligencer Seattle Panther takes fifth– 17 times (portrait of Elmer Dixon)
7/9 Seattle Times Panthers oppose Gain
9/27 Seattle Post-Intelligencer Panther leader shot accidentally
12/17 Medium Black panther party to provide free sickle cell anemia tests to blacks
12/17 Medium Will Black Panthers eviction notice cause confrontation with authorities


1/28 UW Daily Panthers set rally for eviction case
2/20 Bremerton Sun “Stop dropping acid… start revolution” (illus.) [Elmer Dixon]
3/12 Seattle Times Panther remark gets Uhlman White House flak
7/29 Medium Elmer Dixon must be set free


1/14 UW Daily Bobby Seale in the PAV? F&B clears funds for EOP only (port.)
1/20 Medium Panthers comply with eviction notice
5/18 UW Daily Bobby Seale: oppression pollutes (port.)


7/23 Seattle Post-Intelligencer Report on Seattle probe by the FBI
7/25 Seattle Post-Intelligencer FBI got info from other utilities


3/5 Seattle Sun Central Area homicide: a halt and a shot (Joe Hebert)
3/26 Seattle Times Dispute breaks out at Hebert inquest
3/27 Seattle Post-Intelligencer Hebert death “unjustified”
3/28 Seattle Times Bayley will not prosecute officers who killed Hebert
3/29 Seattle Post-Intelligencer $1.25 million asked in Hebert’s death
4/2 Medium Black community not satisfied with Bayley’s decision
4/2 Seattle Sun Chief Hanson proclaims justice for Joe *
4/3 Seattle Post-Intelligencer Uhlman backs Chief Hanson’s release of Hebert’s criminal record
4/9 UW Daily Hebert forum reveals community bitterness
8/12 Seattle Times Second fatal shooting: Robbery suspect slain by officer (Earlywine)
11/21 Seattle Times Their claws are sheathed but Black Panthers continue work
11/29 Seattle Times Panthers say police intend to keep files
12/3 Seattle Sun Reworking the law from “from the bottom up”


4/2 Seattle Post-Intelligencer Earlywine testifies again on shooting
4/2 Seattle Times 2nd shooting details not allowed in court
4/7 Seattle Post-Intelligencer Earlywine cleared in fatal shooting
6/30 Seattle Sun Dixon, enduring Black Panther (port.)
8/5 UW Daily “Liberation” school relates to children’s needs
8/12 UW Daily Panther breakfast program works
10/19 UW Daily Donation seekers want to give kids a free breakfast (illus.)


1/5 Seattle Sun Black Panthers disband in Seattle
9/26 UW Daily Free Breakfast program has “big misunderstanding” with Panther party


4/27 UW Daily Activist Elmer Dixon is still cracking eggs;
the Sidney Miller Clinic– breakfast and more
5/21 Seattle Post-Intelligencer Probers told of Seattle Panther gun purchases


2/29 Seattle Times Black militants put energy in kids now (the hot breakfast program)
6/17 Seattle Post-Intelligencer “There has to be revolutionary change”…
conversation with Elmer Dixon
10/9 UW Daily Free breakfast program provides necessary nutrition for children


10/27 UW Daily Service center charges UW police harassment (photo)
11/24 UW Daily Breakfast program: Who are those guys?