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Click on the thumb-nailed photographs below to see larger versions. They are arranged according to collections. We are grateful to the following for permission to present these images:

Washington State Archives

Eugene Tagawa

Aaron Dixon

Fred Lonidier

Museum of History and Industry

Washington State Archives collection:  As the state legislature debated a bill that made it a crime to exhibit firearms "in a manner manifesting an intent to intimidate others," a contingent of armed Panthers led by Elmer Dixon traveled to the state capitol on February 29, 1969. These pictures belong to the Washington State Archives.

Eugene Tagawa collection: These pictures were taken by Eugene Tagawa, Mike Tagawa's brother, at a Panther event at Garfield High School in 1969.

Aaron Dixon collection: These pictures have been collected over the years. Photographers, unfortunately, cannot be identified.

Fred Lonidier collection: Arrested after leading a sit-in at Franklin High School, Aaron Dixon, Larry Gossett and Carl Miller stood trial on misdemeanor charges of unlawful assembly in June, 1968. Judge James Dore's harsh sentence (six months incarceration) was later overturned on appeal. Photographer Fred Lonidier attended the trial as a supporter from Draft Resistance Seattle and shot dozens of photographs inside and outside the courtroom. These never-before-seen images are courtesy of Fred Lonidier, Professor of Visual Arts at the University of California, San Diego.  

Museum of History and Industry



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