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CORE and the Central Area Civil Rights Campaigns

Open Housing News Coverage


The open housing citywide ordinance, placed on the March 10, 1964 citywide ballot, was contentious in Seattle. Different Seattle-area newspapers, depending on their sympathies and political proclivities, alternately supported, condemned, or pointedly ignored "Proposition 1." Articles collected here are from the two major dailies, the Seattle Times and Seattle Post-Intelligencer; ethnic newspapers like the Filipino Forum; community papers like the Central District's The Facts, the West Seattle Herald, and the Ballard News Tribune; the Washington State Labor News; and the University of Washington's The Daily. Click the titles to read the articles. Articles are organized chronologically.

Trevor Goodloe's research report, The 1964 Open Housing Election: How the Press Influenced the Campaign , provides an analysis of these documents.

Thanks to Trevor Goodloe and Michael Sculze-Oechtering Castañeda and for collecting and scanning these articles.

Date Article Title Periodical Page
7/2/62 The Way it Looks to Me(Educate and Vote) Filipino Forum p.4
9/6/62 The Way it Looks to Me(Informed Voting) Filipino Forum p.4
2/3/63 Open Housing Group Elects New OfficersSeattle Times p.15
5/9/63 Councilman Luke Speaks at "Christian Friends" Annual Dinner Filipino Forum
8/22/63 Letters to the Editor West Seattle Herald p.2
9/1/63 Cherburg Eye's State's Job Environment Washington State Labor News p.2
9/1/63 Equal Opportunity Washington State Labor News p.6
9/5/63 Minority Housing W. Seattle Meet West Seattle Herald p.1
9/9/63 Social Briefs Mrs. Raymond J. Gauter The Facts p.4
9/12/63 Better Left Unsaid - Don't Judge Real Estate Salesmen Too Harshly West Seattle Herald
9/19/63 Letters to the Editor West Seattle Herald p.2
9/26/63 Better Left Unsaid - Addressing the Clergy West Seattle Herald p.2
9/26/63 Fauntleroy Citzens for Human Rights West Seattle Herald p.6
9/26/63 Letters to the Editor West Seattle Herald p.2
10/1/63 Letters to the Editor and facts Readers Washington State Labor News p.2
10/1/63 Tacoma Housing Law in Hassle Washington State Labor News p.11
10/3/63 Letter From Mayor Clinton Filipino Forum p.4
10/3/63 Fair Housing Meet to Hear Elliot Couden West Seattle Herald
10/3/63 Local Group Fights Open Housing Law West Seattle Herald p.1
10/4/63 Fair Housing The Facts p.2
10/4/63 Judge Blocks Tacoma Petition The Facts p.2
10/10/63 Letters to the Editor West Seattle Herald p.2
10/10/63 Speakers take Opposite Views Before Local Club West Seattle Herald p.1
10/10/63 Speakers take Opposite Views Before Local Club (Con't) West Seattle Herald p.13
10/18/63 Central Area Committee Plans for Protest The Facts p.1
10/20/63 No Trouble Noted in Negro Move to White Neighborhood Seattle Times p.24
10/20/63 Attorney Envisage Chance for Racial Harmony in Ruling Seattle Times p.24
10/20/63 Hearing on Open Housing Law Friday Seattle Times p.22
10/20/63 Questions on Open Housing Law Answered Seattle Times p.22
10/20/63 Civil Rights Rally to Hear NY Pastor Seattle Times p.10
10/20/63 Growing Negro Population in Small District Seattle Times p.23
10/21/63 "White Bigots" Scored at Rally` Seattle Times p.6
10/21/63 Kennedy's Rights Bill a Step Toward a Police State Seattle Times
11/1/63 Letters to the Editor and facts Readers The Facts p.2
11/8/63 Voter Registration Drive Planned Strength at the PollsThe Facts p.1
11/21/63 Open Letter (of Invitation) The Facts p.2
12/5/63 League of Women Voters The Facts p.2
12/5/63 McCullough Endorsement The Facts p.2
1/7/64 Candidate McCullough says now is time for city to move forward Filipino Forum
1/15/64 Mayor Candidates are on Ballard Chamber Program Ballard News Tribune p.1
1/16/64 Center Cost Figures of Cherburg Challenged Seattle PI p.13
1/16/64 Labor Union Indorses Cherburg Seattle PI p.19
1/16/64 Negro Woman Given $1,250 Damages in Rent "Bias Case" Seattle PI p.18
1/18/64 Church Groups Plan Programs to Air Subjects Seattle PI p.6
1/18/64 Human Rights Forum Will Begin Jan.6 Seattle Times p.3
1/19/64 Republican Woman Give Braman OK Seattle PI p.6
1/24/64 Cherburg Praised by Police Unit Seattle PI p.23
1/26/64 Take Manacles off the Mayor Seattle Times
1/28/64 Open Housing Law Goes to Prosecutor Seattle Times
1/29/64 Paul Alexander asks re-election to Council Ballard News Tribune p.10
2/1/64 King County Labor Council Endorsement Washington State Labor News p.1
2/1/64 Tim McCullough on Tolerance Washington State Labor News p.2
2/2/64 On the Subject of Forced Housing Seattle PI p.9
2/2/64 Seattle Times Open Housing Support Pledge Seattle Times p.30
2/4/64 Publisher's Column: Community Statistics Filipino Forum p.1
2/5/64 Candidates Seek Feb. 11th Votes Ballard News Tribune p.10
2/5/64 Braman Rated Highest for Mayor by League Ballard News Tribune p.1
2/5/64 Recommends Braman for Mayor Ballard News Tribune p.1
2/5/64 Vote! (Doesn't Include Open Housing) Seattle PI p.12
2/8/64 Clergy Urge Votes for Open HousingSeattle Times
2/8/64 Talks on Housing Segregation Planned Seattle Times p.19
2/9/64 155,000 May Vote in City Primary Seattle PI p.1
2/9/64 155,000 May Vote in City Primary(Con't) Seattle PI p.4
2/9/64 Voice of the People:Open Housing Seattle PI p.12
2/9/64 Election Tuesday is City's Final February Primary Seattle Times p.37
2/9/64 Municipal League Evaluates Candidates for City Offices Seattle Times p.36
2/9/64 Open Housing Backers Plan Coffee Hour Seattle Times p.20
2/10/64 Municipal League Gives Top Rating Only to Councilman Dorm Braman Seattle PI p. 8
2/10/64 Vote for the Levy Seattle PI p.14
2/10/64 Municipal League Gives Top Rating only to Councilman Dorm Braman Seattle Times p.15
2/10/64 Lincoln's Hopes for the Negro Seattle Times p.14
2/11/64 Mayor Race Top Issue in Primary Seattle PI p.1
2/11/64 Tacoma Votes on Housing Ordinance Seattle Times p.7
2/12/64 Tacoma Defeats Open Housing Seattle PI p.1
2/12/64 Tacoma Voters Reject Open Housing by 3-1 Seattle PI p.6
2/12/64 Round One of the Election Seattle Times
2/12/64 Tacomans Defeat Open Housing, 3-1 Seattle Times p.7
2/12/64 Guest Editorial (Urge to Vote) The Facts p.2
2/12/64 Vote Feb. 11 - Cherberg's Stand on O-H The Facts p.6
2/14/64 Tuesday's Vote Seattle PI p.40
2/16/64 Battle for City Vote to get Under Way Seattle Times p.16
2/16/64 Braman Receives Frasier's Support Seattle Times p.7
2/16/64 Race Problems to be Topic of Meetings Seattle Times p.39
2/17/64 Caroll OK's Open Housing Ordinance Seattle Times p.12
2/18/64 Open Housing: No Sharp Teeth Daily p.2
2/18/64 1,000 Open Housing Coffee Hours Set Seattle Times p.11
2/19/64 Unconstitutionality Ballard News Tribune p.4
2/19/64 Kimbrough Emphasizes Civil Rights Seattle Times p.38
2/19/64 Open Housing Views Aired Seattle Times p.3
2/19/64 From the Publisher's Pen The Facts p.2
2/20/64 Open Housing Policy Gets 1,400 Names Seattle Times p.29
2/22/64 Cherburg's Open Housing Stand Rapped Seattle Times
2/22/64 Interfaith Civil Rights Rally Planned Seattle Times
2/22/64 Over 1,200 New Voters Register The Facts p.1
2/23/64 Civil Liberties Union Because Election Issue Seattle Times p.11
2/23/64 County Law Would Ban Bias in Housing Sales Seattle Times p.11
2/23/64 Facts on Housing Proposal Offered Seattle Times p.34
2/23/64 Housing Ordinance Discussion Scheduled at Temple De Hirsch Seattle Times p.62
2/23/64 Municipal League Neutral on Open Housing Seattle Times p.10
2/23/64 Meetings on Race Problems Scheduled Seattle Times p.10
2/24/64 Clerics, Offered at Civil Rights Tea Seattle Times p.3
2/24/64 Urban League Head Calls Year Crucial Seattle Times p.3
2/25/64 Students Get Behind Open Housing Daily p.9
2/25/64 Braman Urges Voters to Act on Housing Seattle Times p.13
2/25/64 Open Housing Rally at Seattle University Seattle Times p.31
2/26/64 Ways and Means (Boycott Vote) Daily p.2
2/27/64 Open Housing Rally Scheduled in Mall Week from Saturday Seattle Times p.6
2/27/64 Teamster Tell Stand on Candidates Seattle Times p.6
2/28/64 The Open Housing Measure Seattle PI P.38
2/28/64 Dictatorship of Dollar Laid to Braman Seattle Times
2/29/64 Students Back Open Housing Seattle Times p.20
3/1/64 Braman Favors Task Forces to Attack City's Ills Seattle Times
3/1/64 Housing Debate to Grow Warmer Seattle Times p.14
3/2/64 Publisher's Column: Community Statistics(con't) Filipino Forum p.4
3/2/64 Segregation, Seattle Style Seattle Times p.13
3/2/64 Times Readers Have Their Say Seattle Times p.8
3/3/64 Student Stump City For Open Housing Vote Daily p.1
3/3/64 Rights Group Backs County Housing Plan Seattle Times p.27
3/3/64 Clinton Backs Open Housing Seattle Times p.27
3/3/64 Attention Renters! Seattle Times p.13
3/3/64 Catholics Urged to Back Open Housing Seattle Times
3/4/64 Vote Next Tuesday Ballard News Tribune p.1
3/4/64 Vote No on Transit Ballard News Tribune p.1
3/4/64 I Believe it's Right Ballard News Tribune p.7
3/4/64 Open Housing March Set for Saturday Ballard News Tribune p.1
3/4/64 Letters:More on Open Housing Daily p.3
3/4/64 Open Housing Arrest Boom Held Unlikely Seattle Times
3/4/64 Open Housing Backed by Teacher Group Seattle Times
3/4/64 County Open Housing Law: Another Hearing Held Possible Seattle Times
3/4/64 Text of County Housing Law Seattle Times p.48
3/5/64 Housing Debate Today Daily p.1
3/5/64 Letters: Readers have a lot to say Daily p.3
3/5/64 Cherburg Assails Braman on Gambling Seattle Times
3/5/64 King County Housing Act Seattle Times p.7
3/5/64 Read this Objective Appraisal Before you Vote Next Tuesday Seattle Times p.7
3/5/64 Rehearing Needed on Open Housing Seattle Times p.35
3/6/64 They Can Win Daily p.2
3/6/64 More Support Announced for Open Housing Seattle Times p.31
3/6/64 Action on Open Housing Delayed Seattle Times p.31
3/6/64 Braman-Cherberg Discussion Enlivened by Heated Exchange Seattle Times p.7
3/6/64 Concilation by Coercion Seattle Times p.25
3/6/64 Leaders, Layman, Students Will March for Open Housing Seattle Times p.4
3/6/64 Times Readers Have Their Say Seattle Times p.8
3/6/64 Vote Against the "Transit Amendment" Seattle Times p.8
3/7/64 Concilation by Coercion Seattle PI p.18
3/7/64 Braman Hits Foe on Open Housing Seattle PI p.4
3/7/64 Don't Lose Your Rights by Default Seattle Times p.2
3/7/64 Leaders of Many Churches Endorse Open Housing Law Seattle Times p.2
3/7/64 Open Housing Backers Pack Westlake Mall Seattle Times p.1
3/8/64 Candidates, Issues In Tuesday's Election Seattle PI p.5
3/8/64 City Votes Tuesday on Candidates and Issues Seattle PI p.1
3/8/64 Integration Fiasco Seattle PI p.21
3/8/64 Vote Yes, Erase Prejudice Seattle PI p.30
3/8/64 Views of Foes and Proponents of Ordinance Seattle Times p.50
3/8/64 City's Clergy Strongly Support Open Housing Seattle Times p.50
3/8/64 Don't Let Them Kick Away Your Rights Seattle Times p.52
3/8/64 High Interest May Spur Big Vote in Seattle Seattle Times p.1
3/8/64 Human Rights v. Property Rights Seattle Times p.55
3/8/64 Integration Fiasco Seattle Times p.70
3/8/64 Vote Yes for the Referendum Seattle Times p.49
3/8/64 Mayor, Council Candidates Give their Stands on Major Issues Seattle Times
3/8/64 Pacific Northwest Could Solve Race Problems, Says Experts Seattle Times p.9
3/8/64 Seattle Could be Like Lil' Rock Pastor Warns Seattle Times p.13
3/8/64 Seattle Municipal Election Seattle Times p.8
3/8/64 The Ordinance - Human Rights, Property Rights Seattle Times p.51
3/9/64 Don't Let Them Kick Away Your Rights Seattle PI p.17
3/9/64 Thousands of Seattle People Support Open Housing Referendum Seattle PI p.13
3/9/64 Vote Yes Seattle Times p.10
3/10/64 Open Housing Garbage Daily p.2
3/12/64 Aftermath of the Election Seattle Times
Rights March Just a Start The Facts p.2
Letter to the Editor - Real Estate Industry The Facts p.2
Human Rights Member Speaks to White Center Chamber West Seattle Herald