EUB Tutoring

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Winter 2015 tutoring begins in January and will end by finals week. Tutoring is on a drop-in basis, usually first-come, first-served, though the tutor may consider the length of questions when deciding who to help first. We usually have multiple students to help at one time, so please come prepared with specific questions or problems you want the tutor to address.

ELL Tutoring is located in Savery 328. ELL tutoring is focused on helping international students and students who are having difficulty in class due to a language barrier.

EUB room location: Facing the Economics department office from where the elevators are, the EUB room is the second-to-last room on the left. There will be a tutoring schedule hung outside the room for your reference, and it will be locked if no tutors are present.

Private tutoring is not offered through the EUB, but we can help connect you with a tutor upon request. Some EUB members may be willing to offer private tutoring, so please contact us for more information. If you would like a non-EUB or graduate student tutor, we recommend sending an email to econ advising.