Extra Resources

The EUB Extra Resources page is full of websites, podcasts, and databases economics students may find interesting.
This is a nerd only zone.

Gregory Mankiw’s Blog:

Freakonomics is a website made by one of the authors of “Freakonomics”, a book (and Netflix documentary) discussing some abnormal applications of economics

Planet Money is an NPR podcast that talks about different applications of economics.

The Brookings Institution is a large think-tank that consistently posts interesting articles.

What’s that, the Econ Department has a youtube channel full of helpful videos by students and alumni? That’s great! Here’s a link to that fantastic youtube channel, new videos posted every week.

Is there a burning question you have that simple google searches cannot answer? Maybe try seeing if economics academics have asked similar questions! Here are some nice search tools that can help solve your question. The more abstract, the better. Google Scholar, National Bureau of Economic Research, and the Bureau of Labor Statistics are all good resources. If you find something interesting, try googling the author and looking at their other papers. Some economists have done some very exciting work!

The Junior Achievement Organization is a great place to volunteer your time teaching kids of varying ages about economics. JA provides all the resources you need to teach the class, and you get the reward of spreading the joy of economics around the Seattle area.