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  • 2007-08 Winner: “Technology’s Priceless Value in Education” by Alize Bhojani, Devon Chandler-Brown, Danielle File, and Karlyn Kurokawa

    Date: 2009.04.17 | Category: Selected Essays | Response: 0

    “Technology’s Priceless Value in Education” by A. Bhojani, D. Chandler-Brown, D. File, and K. Kurokawa PDF


    Technology is becoming increasingly integrated into many aspects of modern American life. It is used at home, in the workplace and is an important resource for facilitating education. The internet has become the locus of basic research for every level of education, ranging from elementary school students to doctoral candidates; it is employed as a means of recording information and is used to provide a venue for alternate means of educating (like the use of student created films or internet-based projects). Therefore, students who do not have an educational environment with access to technology experience fewer ways of learning, which disadvantages them in comparison with those who have the opportunity to utilize technology effectively.

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  • 2006-07 Winner: “The Future of Tomorrow Struggling with Domination” by Christine Caldejon

    Date: 2008.05.28 | Category: Selected Essays | Response: 0

    “The Future of Tomorrow” by Christine Caldejon PDF

    Growing up I was raised in a cultural environment that had very few people from my ethnicity; instead I was a black sheep in a herd of white sheep.  Being that I experienced this, I was able to feel and see a loss of culture that overtakes an individual’s identity and heart. This happens particularly in the youth or those individuals who are part of the 1st or 2nd generations to be born in America.  From this, I, like many other individuals, was presented with two choices.  The two choices were to identify with our native language and cultural background, or lose our culture and shape our personal identity around the dominant language in the country that is Standard American English (SAE). This situation is becoming problematic and should be addressed not only by communities but also by the academic realm because if this situation continues to happen then the “melting pot” that American is known to be will cease to exist. Schools should also address this problem being that the domination of English in school especially is causing a lack of programs designed for those individuals who do not speak English fluently to be scarce.

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