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2009  [Top]

  • M. Tan, J.D. Whitaker, and D.T. Schwartz, Simulation study on the use of strippable coatings for radiocesium decontamination of concrete, Journal of Hazardous Materials, 162 1111-1120 (2009)

2007  [Top]

  • D.B. Allred, M. Sarikaya, F. Baneyx, and D.T. Schwartz, Bacterial surface-layers for electrochemical nanofbrication, Electrochim Acta 53 193-199 (2007).
  • F. Baneyx and D.T. Schwartz, The peptide-inorganic interface, Curr. Opin. Biotech. 18 312-317 (2007).
  • A. Presenda, D.B. Allred F. Baneyx, D.T. Schwartz, M. Sarikaya, Stability of s-layer proteins for electrochemical nanofabrication, Coll Surf B 57 256-261(2007).

2006 [Top]   

  • X.G. Hao, Q.M. Yu, S.Y. Jiang, and D.T. Schwartz, Molecular dynamics simulation of ion selectivity traits of nickel hexacyanoferrate thin films, Trans. Nonferrous Met. Soc. China 16 897-902 (2006).
  • D.T. Schwartz, Electrodeposition and Nanobiosystems, Interface Mag. 15(1), 34-35 (2006).

2005 [Top]       

  • X. Hao and D.T. Schwartz, Tuning intercalation sites in nickel hexacyanoferrate using lattice nonstoichiometry, Chem. Mat. 17, 5831-36 (2005).
  • D.B. Allred, M. Sarikaya, F. Baneyx, and D.T. Schwartz, Electrochemical Nanofabrication using crystalline protein masks, Nano Lett. 5, 609-613 (2005). See also the journal cover image

2004 [Top]        

  • J. Reyes-Gomez, J.A. Medina, K.M. Jeerage, W.A. Steen, and D.T. Schwartz, High capacity SiO2-graphite composite electrodes with chemically incorporated metal HCFs for electrochemically switched alkaline cation exchange, J. Electrochem. Soc. 151 D87-92 (2004).
  • C.K. Thai, H. Dai, M.S.R. Sastry, M. Sarikaya, D.T. Schwartz, and F. Baneyx, Identification and characterization of Cu2O- and ZnO- binding polypeptides by Escherichia coli cell surface display: Toward an understanding of metal oxide binding, Biotech Bioeng 87, 129-37 (2004).
  • M. Sarikaya, C. Tamerler, D.T. Schwartz, F. Baneyx, Material assembly and formation using engineered polypeptides, Ann. Rev. Mat. Res. 34, 373-408 (2004).

2003  [Top]            

  • W.A. Steen and D.T. Schwartz, A route to combinatorial libraries of electroactive nickel hexacyanoferrate, Chem. Mat.  15, 2449-53 (2003).

2002  [Top]            

  • W.A. Steen, et al., Structure of cathodically deposited nickel hexacyanoferrate thin films, Langmuir 18 7714-23 (2002).
  • W.A. Steen, K.M. Jeerage, and D.T. Schwartz, Raman spectroscopy of redox activity in cathodically deposited  nickel hexacyanoferrate thin films, Appl. Spec. 56 1021-29 (2002).
  • K.M. Jeerage, W.A. Steen, and D.T. Schwartz, Charge-density-dependent partitioning of Cs+ and K+ into  nickel hexacyanoferrate matrices, Langmuir. 18 3620-25 (2002).
  • K.M. Jeerage, W.A. Steen, and D.T. Schwartz, Correlating nanostructure with ion intercalation in electrodeposited nickel hexacyanoferrate thin films, Chem. Mat. 14, 530-535 (2002).
  • Q. Yu, W.A. Steen, K.M. Jeerage, S. Jiang, and D.T. Schwartz, Structure-dependent solvent and ion  intercalation in reduced and oxidized nickel hexacyanoferrates, J. Electrochem. Soc., 149 E195-203 (2002).

2000 [Top]     

  • S.M. Jeerage and D.T. Schwartz, Characterization of cathodically deposited nickel hexacyanoferrate  for electrochemically switched ion exchange, Sep. Sci Tech. 35, 2375-92 (2000).

1999 [Top]         

  • S.M. Haight, D.T. Schwartz, and M.A. Lilga, In-situ oxidation state profiling of nickel hexacyanoferrate derivatized electrodes using line imaging Raman spectroscopy and multivariate calibration, J. Electrochem. Soc. 146, 1866-72 (1999).

1997  [Top]   

  • M.A. Lilga, R.J. Orth, J.H. Sukamto, S.M. Haight, and D.T. Schwartz, Metal ion separations using electrically switched ion exchange, Sep. Purif. Tech., 11 147-58 (1997).
  • D.T. Schwartz, M.F. Buehler, D.X. Christiansen, and E.J. Davis, In-situ monitoring of electrochemical transport processes in Hanford grout vault soil, J. Haz. Mat., 55 23-37 (1997).

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