English Department Lab Classroom Policies


Welcome to the English Department LAN (Local Area Network) classrooms. Computer-integrated (CIC) classes meet in our Mary Gates labs throughout the week. Currently enrolled CIC students have access to the workstations in 076 after class hours. Our public hours are posted in Mary Gates 074, 076, 082, and 082A, and any changes to them will be posted as well. A schedule of lab hours is also available online. Students may work in the 076 computer classroom during public hours on a first-come, first-served basis. We request that you observe a few simple guidelines when using the English Department computer classrooms during class or public hours:

  1. The computer classrooms are available only to students currently enrolled in computer-integated courses.
  2. Absolutely no food or drink is allowed in the LAN classrooms.
  3. Please keep your work area tidy. Recycling containers and trash cans are located at the front of both computer classrooms.
  4. Printing is restricted to CIC course essays, peer reviews, homework and handouts. Students may not print work for other courses, online readings, or other lengthy documents.
  5. Do not sit on the desktops that connect pod workstations. While sturdy, they are not deisgned to support human weight.
  6. Accessible stations are located in the front center pod. Disabled students have priority for these stations. The desktops on the accessible stations should only be adjusted to accomodate wheelchairs or other equipment.
  7. Use of the LAN classrooms is limited to currently installed software. You may not install or use any of your own software on the network, nor may you download software or games from the Web.
  8. The network cannot be accessed via modem.
  9. Do not manipulate any of the hardware. Unplugging cables can cause the system to crash and people to lose files. If you are having a problem with your station, consult your teacher or the technical support staff.
  10. Do not turn off the computers or screens unless told to do so by your instructor or by a technical support person. Do not touch the monitor screen directly with your hands or fingers.
  11. Under no condition should any person alter the icons on the desktop. This includes creating additional shortcuts.
  12. As a matter of courtesy, always log off after you have finished working.
  13. Copyright law prohibits you from duplicating software in the English Department LAN for your own use.

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