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Add Codes
During pre-registration (Period 1 and Period 2), registration in most 200-, 300-, and 400-level English classes is through MyUW unless otherwise noted in the Time Schedule.  Instructors will have add codes beginning the first day of classes (at the start of Period 3), which they may distribute at their discretion. If you hope for an add code, be sure to attend class on the first day and speak with the instructor.  

First Week Attendance
Because of heavy demand for many English classes, students who do not attend all reguarly-scheduled meetings during the first week of the quarter may be dropped from their classes by the department. If students are unable to attend at any point during the first week, they should contact their instructors ahead of time. The Department requests that instructors make reasonable accommodations for students with legitimate reasons for being absent; However, the final decision rests with the instructor and space is not guaranteed for absent students even if they contact the instructor in advance. (Contact information can be found in the department directory or obtained by calling the the Undergraduate Advising Office, (206) 543-2634.) Students who do not plan to attend should drop themselves from the course using the MyUW system.

Course Descriptions
The course descriptions found through the links below have been written by individual teaching faculty each quarter to provide more specific information about their approaches than what can be found in the UW General Catalog.  When individual descriptions are not available, students can consult the UW General Catalog for brief descriptions. (Although we try to have as accurate and complete information as possible, this schedule remains subject to change.)

Archives: the English Department website contains instructor course descriptions going back to 1997. If you need older course descriptions, please consult the UW's General Catalog archive for the appropriate year.

Note on Future Quarters: course offerings for future quarters listed below are tentative and are subject to change. Consult the UW Time Schedule for the most up-to-date schedule and registration information.

2023-2024 Courses

2022-2023 Courses

2021-2022 Courses

2020-2021 Courses

2019-2020 Courses

2018-2019 Courses

2017-2018 Courses

2016-2017 Courses


2015-2016 Courses

2014-2015 Courses

2013-2014 Courses

2012-2013 Courses

2011-2012 Courses

2010-2011 Courses

2009-2010 Courses

2008-2009 Courses

2007-2008 Courses

Previous Years

Autumn 2006

Winter 2007

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Autumn 2004

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Spring 2004

Autumn 2002 Winter 2003 Spring 2003
Autumn 2001 Winter 2002 Spring 2002
Autumn 2000 Winter 2001 Spring 2001
Autumn 1999 Winter 2000 Spring 2000
Autumn 1998 Winter 1999 Spring 1999
Autumn 1997 Winter 1998 Spring 1998

For course descriptions prior to summer 1997, please consult the UW's General Catalog archive for the appropriate year.

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