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CIC Student Guide Online

Welcome to the CIC

The CIC Student Guide Online is intended as reference manual for programs and procedures used in UW English Computer Integrated Classrooms. Though these pages are not comprehensive guides to our software, they can help you get started learning popular programs, remind you of the steps involved in some common lab practices, and offer you some helpful hints on completing your assignments.

Most of the pages here are dedicated to a particular program. So, if you have a question about using PowerPoint or GoPost, click on the corresponding tab above and off you go. If you are new to CIC or have forgotten some of the basic procedures, you will want to start on the Lab Basics page. There you will find recommendations for how to manage files in the LAN, how to use FTP or File Manager to transfer files, how to name your files for optimal conversion capabilities, and more. The Glossary can also be a help, as it provides definitions in non-technical language. Finally, whether you are a novice or an advanced user, the Links page puts you in touch with a wide variety of resources, both on the web and on campus, to help with writing questions as well as computing questions.

That's about it for a basic introduction. Come back to the CIC Student Guide Online often for reminders and advice. Good luck and enjoy your CIC experience!