FHL Science Outreach Program (FHLSOP) Update

by Jenny Roberts, FHLSOP Program Director

Exciting FHLSOP Expansion!

New this year — Friday Harbor Labs Science Outreach Program staff, Jenny Roberts and Kari Koski, are excited to offer science outreach programs to groups outside its Partnership with the San Juan Island School District and Spring Street International School. For a fee, FHLSOP can design a program of activities to meet a visiting school’s interest and needs for as little as an hour or up to several days.

Two different off-island groups were thrilled to visit the Friday Harbor Labs this fall and winter to engage their students in hands-on science activities.

Fifty students from the International Community School of Kirkland, Washington spent half a day at FHL participating in a variety of activities. Students took a tour of the campus to learn about the different facilities and the range of research conducted here at FHL. Students were especially interested in learning about our new Ocean Acidification Lab and its findings. Students learned about and observed a variety of marine Salish Sea invertebrates in our sea tables. An important part of their observations of the live invertebrates was comparative analysis and developing an inquiry study question. Students also conducted a scavenger hunt of the submerged lab dock tires to observe the natural distribution and accumulation of marine alga and animals from San Juan Channel.

Grade 5 Marina Quality Water Sampling

A smaller group of students from Jefferson School of Port Townsend, Washington spent a day at FHL to participate in the Invasive Mussel Project. The teacher chose this project because this was an opportunity to expose her students to biotechnology that she could not offer them. The students learned how to use micropipettes, electrophoresis chambers and interpret a stained electrophoresis gel. CSI at FHL!

Both groups were very pleased with their activities and visit. This is a great way to showcase FHL to potential future students, researchers and supporters. We are happy to report that we are expecting more visitors this upcoming spring.

FHHS Biology Invasive Mussel Project Biotech Lab

Friday Harbor and Spring Street FHLSOP Programs

Locally, FHLSOP has been very busy engaging our partner school’s students in dynamic science activities in the classroom, field, and lab and aboard the UW R/V Centennial. Listed below are projects already completed and upcoming for this school year.

Key: FH: Friday Harbor; ES: Elementary School; MS: Middle School; HS: High School; SSIS: Spring Street International School

Left: Grade 3 on Centennial for Diver for a Day Activity. Right: Grade 5 Marina Water Quality Sampling

The above listed hands-on, inquiry projects involve students in the process of science while fostering good stewardship of our marine and freshwater environments. For more information, please see the FHLSOP website.

To help support Friday Harbor Labs Science Outreach Program, it’s easy to donate online (keyword: FHLSOP). You may also contact Rachel Anderson at 206-616-0760 or rachelea@uw.edu.

Schools interested in visiting Friday Harbor Labs for activities and/or a tour can visit our website and contact Program Director, Jenny Roberts at fhlk12@uw.edu.

All photo credit goes to Jenny Roberts