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Bleaching and dessication occuring on the exposed Acrosiphonia (Photo by Andrea Dingeldein)


Growing on mid-tidal rocks. The green coloration of Acrosiphonia contrasts greatly to the brown algal species surrounding it.



Acrosiphonia coalita is found in low to mid intertidal zones, from southern Alaska to California. In particular, it is found mostly on boulder-cobble sites at more exposed shores (1). Reports of percent cover for Acrosiphonia coalita list a peak cover of 10% for the gametophyte. This occurs in April. Distribution is patchy and seasonal. It may be found growing epiphytically on eelgrass (Zostera marina) and Fucus at various tidal heights (2). It is found growing epizoically on barnacles and limpets.

For sporophyte habitat, see Life History.

The range for Acrosiphonia coalita ranges from Alaska and the Aleutian Islands, British Columbia, Washington, Oregon, and California (3).











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