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Acrosiphonia curls shown at 10 x magnification. Curls are at the distal tips of the branches.


Acrosiphonia coalita in the field at Cattle Point, San Juan Island, WA.




Original publication for Acrosiphonia coalita from Scagel, R.F., Garbary, D.J., Golden, L. & Hawkes, M.W. (1986). A synopsis of the benthic marine algae of British Columbia, northern Washington and southeast Alaska. Vol. 1 pp. 1-444. Vancouver: Department of Botany, University of British Columbia.


Division: Chlorophyta

Class: Ulvophyceae

Order: Ulotrichales

Family: Ulotrichaceae

Genus: Acrosiphonia

Species: coalita



Acrosiphonia coalita was formally known as Spongomorpha coalita, and is currently a basionym for Conferva coalita.

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