The pretty green rope

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10X magnification of two hooked

branches wrapped against each other


New branch growth. Note that branch growth is lateral.

Tangled mass of branches, characteristic of Acrosiphonia.





Acrosiphonia filaments have hooks that cause the branches to become tangled. This gives the algae its matted appearance. This tangeled look is the cause for it to be described as rope-like. It is also said to resemble rastafarian hair.

Distinguishing between Acrosiphonia coalita and Acrosiphonia arcta is very difficult in the field. For Acrosiphonia coalita, It is generally dark green in color.

Thallus length is up to 35 cm for Acrosiphonia coalita. Hooked branches can be either simple or compound and filament diameter is from 120-230 µm. Fertile cells are generally not found in series, unlike Acrosiphonia arcta. New branching is lateral (1) (center image).










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1) Sussmann, A. V. and R. E. DeWreede. 2001. Life history of Acrosiphonia (Codiolales, Chlorophyta) in southwestern British Columbia, Canada. American Journal of Botany 88:1535-1544.