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Materials Camp 2012 for High School Students (July 9-14):

Materials Camp is a one week long workshop designed for High School students to have experience in many aspects of Materials Science and Engineering which has relevance in physical sciences, engineering and medicine.

Materials Science is not normally a part of a high school curriculum, with just over one hundred schools in Washington State offering this program. However Biology is taught at every high school across the country. A natural link between the science of materials development and biology is found in the study of biomimetics and genetically engineered materials Using GEMSEC facilities and staff we hope to encourage high school students, through our summer materials camp to take course work at an undergraduate level in the future, possibly pursue a career in science or engineering, and disseminate what they learned back to their respective high schools.

Materials Camp is open to any high school aged student. They are introduced to the four major topics in Materials Science: Metals, Ceramics, Polymers and Composites (including Biocomposites). They participate in hands on activities ranging from blowing glass to making composite beams for testing. University professors, who bring a wide variety of experience to the group, teach part of the program. An experienced Materials Science educator teaches the lab portion from the high school level. Along side the rich curriculum, students work directly with a mentor from the private sector, or the University to put together a project based on what they have learned over the week. In addition, the students go on several tours to local industries to see how Materials Science is used in the real world. GEMSEC will be involved in all aspects of running and supporting this program including professors and graduate students acting as mentors for the summer students.

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