Adolescent Health Transition Project
Preparing for Transition
Using the Adult System

Learning about Health

female student leaning on booksLearning about health gives the young person an important tool for independence and success in achieving his or her goals. Health includes being active and eating healthy foods. It also includes oral health, mental health, hearing and vision and others. It is important that the young person also know about any specific health condition or disability they have, how it affects their overall health and how to manage it themselves. Being able to manage their own health, to the extent they are able, gives teens and young adults more autonomy and control over their lives.

Below are links to documents or websites on a wide variety of health-related topics. The documents are divided into categories to make them easier to locate.


Mental Health

Oral Health

Vision and Hearing

Equipment and Technology

Reproductive and Sexual Health

Diagnosis-specific Health Information

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