ME356: Machine Design Analysis

This machine design analysis course offers juniors and seniors with the environment to apply the decision making process in analytical mechanical design. In particular, students apply design methods in the interplay of stress/strain/deflection analysis, materials properties and performance and component/system function. The constraints of standardized parts, economics of the shelf parts, design code requirements and manufacturability are demonstrated through design exercise and projects.

ME356 Project for designing wooden car frames to avoid passenger damages and achieve high strength/weight ratios.


ME411: Nano-Devices: Design and Manufacturing

This course will focus on designing, fabricating, and manufacturing nanodevices with state-of-the-art nanotechnology. Current nanomanufacturing methods are introduced in conjunction with micromachining technology in order to create innovative nanodevices. Through the course, students will be able to classify nanoscale materials and nanomanufacturing methods, choose appropriate fabrication processes, and furthermore design nanodevices.


ME495: Capstone Design Project for Nanotechnology

The capstone course for the Department of Mechanical Engineering is a Design laboratory involving the identification and synthesis of engineering factors to plan and achieve specific project goals. This course, directed by Professor Chung, allows students to get hands on experience with research in the Nanomanufacturing Lab.

Please contact Professor Chung for capstone design project (