Twin Brain & Behavior Study


What is being studied?

Researchers at the University of Washington Psychiatry & Behavioral Science Department are working to determine biological and behavioral traits associated with the genetics of autism. 

To do this, they want to understand more about the social skills, thinking and communication of twins.

Who can participate?

Identical or Fraternal twins aged 5-30 years. 

.One or both diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder 


.Both developing typically

What does the study involve?

Two 2-3 hour visits at the UW for assessments of language, memory, cognitive skills and social functioning. 

- Visits also include EEG assessment of brain functioning. EEG is a safe, non-invasive method of measuring brain activity. Individuals will wear a hat with sensors while watching pictures and videos or listening to words. 

- Two phone interviews with a parent, guardian, or a significant other about the participant.

- Questionnaires.

What will I receive for participating?

Participants/Families will receive feedback about performance on standardized tests. Each participant will receive a modest payment. 

What are the risks and safeguards?

There are no known risks associated with the tasks used in the study. This study has been reviewed by the University of Washington Human Subjects Review Committee. All information collected as part of this study is kept strictly confidential and is kept separate from identifying information in our highly secure, encrypted, and protected database.

Who are the investigators involved with this project?

Sara Jane Webb, Ph.D.

Raphael Bernier, Ph.D.

Susan Faja, Ph.D.

Whom should I contact to get involved?

Recruitment is closed at this time.

*Please note that we cannot guarantee the confidentiality of any information sent by email.