Internship Possibilities


Undergraduate 499s and interns are a vital part of the PBS lab. These 499 and volunteer interns help to make our lab run efficiently and successfully. As an undergraduate researcher you will be able to take part of a multifaceted study on the cutting-edge of autism research. You will have the opportunity to enhance your knowledge on Autism Spectrum Disorders and learn research skills that are useful in graduate school programs.  You will also have the chance to apply your classroom studies to an actual research lab and gain hands-on experiences. With numerous projects and studies running simultaneously, undergraduates have a variety of opportunities to assist in the lab.

Undergraduate tasks include:

  • Data entry
  • Behavioral Coding
  • Literature reviews
  • Testing session set up/take down
  • Assist during testing sessions
  • Learn how to implement EEG and behavioral paradigms
  • EEG data analysis
  • Participate in Journal Clubs and Lab Meetings
  • Recruitment

Becoming a 499 or Volunteer

Prawny / Pixabay Our ERP lab does visual processing research with individuals with autism and typical development in conjunction with other studies researching the developmental, cognitive and neurobiological aspects of autism. The participants in our research range in age from 6 months to adult. We are primarily looking at differences in the way in which individuals with autism process pictures of familiar and unfamiliar people and non-human objects.

Work schedule

  • Min. number of hours/week student must work: 3
  • Times a student must be present/work: regular office hours during the week
  • Length of commitment required by student: one year

499 responsibilities

50% data entry
25% database management/processing/coding
25% assisting staff with ERP testing and any other tasks necessary for the successful performance of the lab. 499 students who are interested in the research and would like to learn about all aspects of a research project will be given more responsibilities and duties as the job progresses.

Skills/experience preferred

We are looking for individuals who are at least sophomores, majoring in psychology and interested in neurobiology. Be responsible, self-directed and comfortable with computers and learning new computer programs. Some experience with individuals with autism or children with developmental delay is also preferred.

Honors Students

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Because of the numerous studies being conducted at the PBS Lab, this lab is an ideal place for honors students to be able to explore their interests and develop their own projects.  Previous honors students have even applied for and received the Mary Gates Undergraduate Research Scholarships.  We are looking for responsible, passionate, and motivated students who have a strong interest in autism, cognitive psychology or neuroscience.

Previous Honors Projects:

2015: Veronica Kang – A Study of Siblings of Individuals with ASD: Comparison of Pragmatic Language Ability

2012: Kristin Aerts – Heritability of Pragmatic Language in Twins with Autism Spectrum Disorder

2011: Hillary Banham – Effect of social experience on visual preference of infants at risk for ASD

How to Apply

If you are interested in applying to the PBS Lab as 499 honors student or volunteer, please fill out the 499 Application Form, then send your resume and application to the e-mail address listed below.

Contact name: Megha Santhosh
Telephone: (206) 884-7814
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Sara Webb
Psych area: Cognition and Perception