Previous Senior Theses

Former Theses

Submitted in 2004

"From the Ground Up: The Environmental Crisis and the Theories of John Locke, Deep Ecology, and Green Liberalism" Author: Julian Grule

"Who Should Be My Brother's Keeper: Organizational Motivations and Effective Military Humanitarian Interventions" Author: Brooke B. Kelly

"Assessing the Instrumental Value of Assassination to Combat Terror: The Israeli Experience" Author: Tessa Capeloto

Submitted in 2003

"Consumer Logic and Global Citizenship: Case Studies of Internet-Facilitated Tropical Rainforest Activism" Author: Rachel Wilhelm

"At the Intersection of Religion, Politics, and Conflict Resolution: The South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission" Author: Julianna Rigg

"A Review of the Relationship Between Trade with Industrialized Nations and Labor Standards in Developing Nations" Author: Joel C. Merkel, Jr

"Moving From Mass to Micro: The Constuction of Personal Identity Within Alternative Political Information Sources" Author: Aubray N. Garbarino-L

"The Republic Of Allah: Bridging the Gap Between Islam and Democracy" Author: Kelly A. Shaw

"Whom Does Russia Trust? or Proble of Development of Institutional Trust in Russian Transition to Democracy" Author: Maria Vassilieva

Submitted in 2002

The Problem of the Ability-Line

Submitted in 2001

American Anti-trust Law and Cyberspace: The Implications of Antitrust Policy in Technological Markets A Safe Haven? Peacekeeping and Protecting Non-Combattants in War Zones

Incremental Removal of Sanctions: Two Case Studies in Increased Effectiveness of Sanctions

Remebering Forgetfulness: an Aesthetic Re-reading of Democratic Politics

Submitted in 2000

Mass Media, the President, and Public Opinion: The Assessment Factor and the Influence of the Press on Public Opinion

Do As We Say, Not As We Do. The U.S. Government's battle to Convert a Resistant Natio to the Metric System

Developing a Pol.of Forgiveness During periods of Trans.: Through the Eyes of the S. African Truth and Reconciliation Com.

Concerted Efforts: Transnational Activism and the World Bank

Foreign Aid and Embedded Liberalism. The Case of U.S. Aid to Russia

Heirs to Revolution: The American Anarchist Movement as an Articulation of the American Ideal of Liberty

Submitted in 1999

Democracy and U.S. Involvement in Chile since 1970

Viva Fidel! The Importance and Consequences of revolutionary Leadership

American Federalism and the Civil Rights Movement

Maquiladoras: An Examination of the Labor, Capital, and Environmental Efficiency of the Border Industrialization Program

Critical Race Theory and the Future Lawyers of American Society: Contemporary Attitudes of Issues Behind Race and the Law

Submitted in 1998

The Competing Perspectives and Politics Surrounding the Export-Import Bank

The Rationality of Coming Out

Limits to Gender Equality in the European Union

Let Us Play. The Political and Social Struggle to Implement Title IX

The Post-Authoritarian Dilemma: Can Nascent Democracies Find Justice for Past olitical Crimes?

Sociobiology and its Implications for Morality and Government

Freedom of the Media During Wartime: Four Factors and the First Amendment

The Modern Anti-Government Movement in America. Causes, Characteristics, and Responses

Submitted in 1997

Blacks vs. Browns: Conflicts and Possibilities of an Africa-American/Latino Political Coalition

The Politics of Reproduction: Culture, Reproductive Technology and Unequal Motherhood

Poverty Relief in the United States

The History of Asian American Politics in Seattle: The Development of a Political Consciousness

In Defense of ranching

Public School Boards, the Fight for Control of Public Schools, and the Politics of the Christian Right

Multinational Indigenismo: The Struggle for Power in Oil-Rich Ecuador

Poverty and race in America: The Reality vs. the Rhetoric

Feminism and the Alienation of African-American Women

Submitted in 1996

Bride-Burning in India: Culturally Sanctioned Murder

East Timor: Environ.Degrad Linked to Hum Rights Violations, Ability of NGOs to Affect Policy.Causal Explanation for Lack of Action

Cause for Abolition: An Analysis of Capital Punishment in the United States

Submitted in 1995

Sovereignty or the Single Market: Relative power and Independence in the European Economic and Monetary Union Project

An Inquiry into the Formation and Implementation of Diplock Courts in Northern Ireland

A Trend Towards Grassroots Inspired Social Change. An Inquiry into the Prospects for a Sustainable Future

Nationalism in a Global Age. The Case of Scotland's Three Nationalisms

Submitted in 1994

The Double-Edged Sword: The Family Ethic and Unwed Mothers in America

Edmund Burke and the Circumstances of the American Constitution

Has Urbanization Denied Kenyan and Tanzanian Women Access to Their Pre-Colonial Roots of Status

Why Have Korean Women's Leverage Decreased in the Last Thirty Years?

Submitted in 1993

Relative Power and Public Participation: An Analysis of Environmentally Sensitive Areas Ordinances in 3 Washington Cities

Quagmire and Quicksand. The Yugoslav Conflict and International Mediation

Property Rights to Salmon: A Paradigm for a Renewed Fishery

From Neo-Corporatism to Neo-Liberalism: Spanish Domestic Politics and the European Community

Political Process, Court Action and Social Reform: Can the Courts Influence Social Change?

The Origin and Application of Gandhian Ahimsa

Submitted in 1992

Asian American Politics in the City of Seattle

Explorations In Cultural Paralysis

The Group of Seven Summit Process: A Study in International Cooperation

Animal Welfare vs. Animal Rights: An Examination of our Laws and our Behavior

And Justice for All?

Submitted in 1991

Mexican Americans as a Political Force

Cohousing: The Architecture of Community

The Third World's Rediscovery of Israel: New Love or Pragmatic Policy?

Political Repression in the Contemporary United States and its Class Basis

The Two-Party Monopoly and Third Parties Within

Homeless Children in America

Submitted in 1990

La Chicana: An Analysis of her Folklore, Religion and Culture

Race and Cinema in the 1980's: Exploration of American Racial Issues Through Film

Women's Identity. The Mexican Perspective

Caucus vs. Primary. Looking Ahead to Washington '92

Abortion: More Than Choice

Social, Human Sciences and the Quality of Life for American People of Color and Women: an Analysis of Black and Women Studies

The Gender Objectification Dynamic in the Contexts of Sexuality and Rape

Submitted in 1989

Camus' The Rebel as an Argument for Institutional Limitations to Political Action

Understanding the War on Drugs. Democracy and Social Control in America

An Inquiry into Possible Political and Personal Change Through Participation in the Names Project Quilt

Women, Teachers, and Education Reform

Submitted in 1988

PARAGRAPH>Sanctuary: The Religious Reform Tradition Continues

A Critique of Historical Materialism: The Evolution of the State

Technology Run Amok: America, cable TV and the Technology Race

Submitted in 1987

The Birth of the Prison, 1750-1850: An Analysis

Morality, Rationality, Individuality, and Persuasion: Toward an Understanding of the Contemporary Moral Malaise

Racism and its Role in the Internment of the Japanese during the Second World War

Afrobeat: A Cultural Response to Social Transformation Caused by Political and Economic Change in Nigeria

Submitted in 1986

Competing Nationalisms: a Look at the Relationship between Different Uses of Nationalism in France

Culture and Ideology in a Peasant Movement: The Zapata Revolt of Morelos, Mexico (1911-1919)

Socialism and the Emancipation of Women. A Study of Chinese History since 1949

The Development of Islamic Political Ideology in Egypt and Iran

The Politics of Solitude: Society, Individual, and Myth in Friedrich Nietzsche's Thought

Green Party Mobilization in West Germany

Submitted in 1985

Political Activism as a Christian Imperative: The Case of Camilo Torres

Manipulation and Meaning: The Limits of State-sponsored Social and Cultural; Change in Soviet Uzbekistan

Amnesty International and the Pressure for Human Rights in China

Nature at War: Resolving Environmental Disputes Through a Looking Glass…

Making Sense of Anarchy: An Interpretative Study of the Role of Anarchism in the Spanish Civil War

Machine Politics and Middle-Class Reform in Mexico

Submitted in 1984

The Boldt Decision and the Emergence of Colonial Elites

The Handicapped Rights Movement: Internal Conflicts of Interest and External Conflicts with Culture

Margaret Thatcher: She May Be a Woman Prime Minister…But She Isn't My Sister

Reagan and Freedom of Information: National Security vs. the First Amendment

Nuclear Power and the Limits of the American Political System

Submitted in 1983

Political Parties, Change, and Political Violence: La Violencia in Colombia (1948-1953)

Bank Reform Under Jackson and the Development of Regional Economic Specialization in America to 1860

Anomie, Ideology and Revolution

An Analysis of the Status of West Germany's Foreign Workers

Non-Brahminism: The South Indian Reaction to Colonial Politics

Submitted in 1982

The Myth of the Adversarial Press: A Study in the Concept of Ideological Hegemony

National War on Crime: A Look at the Law Enforcement Assistance Administration and its Implementation in the State of Washington

Submitted in 1981

Pornography: Clearly Present, But confused

How Domestic Politics Affects American Foreign Policy

The Myth of Neutrality: The Church and Politics in Colombia

Planning for Open Space

Political Behavior and the Re-election Incentive. A Case Study: Warren G. Magnuson

Peasant Uprisings Origins and Consequences. Vietnam and Japan

The Seattle Case and the Future of School Desegregation

Submitted in 1980

The Narcissism of America

The NRC and Three Mile Island: Implications for Crisis Management

An Appraisal of Mancur Olson's The Logic of Colective Action

Theory of Class and the Development of Peasant Movements in the Peruvian Highlands: Three Case Studies, 1780-1964

Submitted in 1979

Why Not Socialism for Black Americans?

Collective bargaining in Education: A Case Study of Negotiations in the Seattle Public Schools

Submitted in 1978

Stalin's China Policies in the Twenties

Upward Mobility and Working-Class Political Attitudes

ERA: Now or Never. A Study of Traditional Women

Submitted in Various Years (Undated)

No Separate Peace. The Multi-Ethnic Elements of the Seattle Civil Rights Movement

The Supreme Court through the Public's Eyes: The Symbolic Role of the Court

Masculine Concept.of Natl' and Women within Nationalist Mvts: Palestinian Women Struggling within the Struggle

The Black Panther Party. Lessons from History

"Illegitimacy" Within Aid to families With Dependent Children (AFDC), 1940-1995: "No More Stamps for Tramps"

Charismatic Nationalism: A Comparative Study of Stalinism and Nazism

The Hegelian and Marxian Concepts of Freedom: A Critique of the Individualism Described by Liberal Political Theory

Anomaly Explained. Relevance of Af. Am Voter Disenfranchisement to the Election Dispute Resolving Bush vs.Gore Sup. Court Case

Center-Periphery Theory and the Wisconsin Zionist Movement

Realism and the Democratic Peace Accountability and Bellevue Washington's Storm and Surface Water Utility

Social Movement Building in Poland and The Soviet Union: A Comparative Study

Regimes of Truth

The Mythology of History and the "Influence Thesis"

Objectivity- A Feminist Critique

The Republic of Allah. Bridging the Gap between Islam and Democracy

Micro-lending: What Bangladesh Villagers are Teaching Seattle Women about Business

PACs: An Assessment

Yemen: The Politics of Unification 1990-1994

Agenda-Setting and Decision-Making in Congress: Understanding the 1998 United States-Puerto Rico Political Status Act