Conference Spotlight

Presentations at the ABCT 57th Annual Convention, November 16-19th, 2023 in Seattle

Celine’s poster, titled “~1/3 of community mental health providers are burnt out. The most endorsed contributor to burnout was Personal issues,” presents data from the study funded by Washington State Division of Behavioral Health and Recovery and the UW Office of the Provost which adds onto the Washington State CBT+ Initiative. Access the poster here: PDF

Clara’s poster, titled “Strategies to Address Social Risk Factors Alongside an Evidence-based Therapy: A Rapid Qualitative Analysis,” presents data from the study funded by her own project and BASIC.

Noah’s symposia titled, “Sustainable solutions: Building mental health interventions to last through community-engaged approaches,” presented data from the study funded by BASIC, his pre-doctoral fellowship and the  Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Health Policy Research Scholars Fellowship & Dissertation Grant. Access the slides here:

Ace Africa BASIC Supervisors and Grace present at the CBT+ Supervisors Training in Tukwila

One of five supervisors speaking at the CBT+ training about clinical adaptations to the Kenyan culture and about addressing social risk factors in care (more information about project BASIC here). More information about the project can be found here.

Grace presenting back some of the data gathered and analyzed from the CBT+ clinicians. Many of our research ideas come from the CBT+ supervisors, and we take care to present back findings once we have them.

Dr. Dorsey and the Ace Africa BASIC Supervisors presented a plenary keynote address at the Society of Implementation Research Collaboration in September 2019

Four of our five ACE Africa BASIC Supervisors giving the plenary about implementation coaching success and challenges in a low resource setting in Kenya during project BASIC.

Three of five ACE Africa BASIC Supervisors with the other plenary speaker, Dr. Arthur Evans, CEO of the American Psychological Association.

Daisy (Ace Supervisor) and Sharon (Research Assistant) preparing for the plenary.

A full room of implementation scientists listening to the plenary.

Grace, Noah, and Leah presented at the Society of Implementation Research Collaboration Conference in September 2019

Grace’s poster was titled, “What makes an enabling context for mental health delivery? Differential workload adjustment to sustain task-sharing delivery across education and health sectors in a low resource setting.” Access the poster here. [PDF]

Noah’s poster was titled, “Understanding rewards to facilitate implementation: Perceptions of rewards and incentives across two government-supported systems in Kenya.” Access the poster here. [PDF]

Leah’s poster was titled, “Lay Counselor Burnout and Turnover Across Systems: Are There Differences that are Important for Implementation of Task-Sharing Approaches?”

Gaby presented at the UW Undergraduate Research Symposium in May 2019

The poster, titled “A qualitative study on the implementation practices and policies for the delivery of mental health treatment in low- and middle- income countries,” presented data from a qualitative study of BASIC lay counselors. Read the poster here.

Rosemary presented at the National Institute on Drug Abuse, National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, and National Institute of Mental Health Diversity Supplement Workshop in Bethesda, MD in April 2019

The poster, titled “Selecting of strategies to support guardian and child access to TF-CBT in two sectors in Kenya,” presents data from the study funded by Rosemary’s diversity supplement, which adds onto the BASIC project studying the group session attendance of children and guardians. Read the poster here.

Grace presented at the Anxiety and Depression Association of America conference in Chicago, IL in March 2019

The poster, titled “Supervision as an implementation tool to increase therapists’ use of exposure in community mental health,” comes from the STEPS data. Read the poster here.