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Todayís teens are bombarded by media messages. Although we may think of the media as just a way to entertain ourselves, they have become far more than that for todayís young people. Media have become the most important storyteller about life today and the stories theyíre telling may not be exactly the ones that you want your child to hear. They have also become one of the most important ways that young people communicate with one another (Facebook, MySpace, texting, etc.).

As parents, we canít afford to leave the conversation to the media! As uncomfortable as it might be, you are the most important sex educator your child will ever have. Here are some tips and ideas for talking with your child about that very important subject: SEX!

And remember, you can use the media to jumpstart your own conversations with your child. Itís time that we helped our children become media literate and take a critical look at what the media are saying. Letís encourage them to think about the ways that these media messages apply to the real world in which we are all living!