Student Legal Services

Our Approach

Student Legal Services (SLS) takes a comprehensive approach to assisting UW-Seattle students with their legal concerns. Exploring these concerns in-depth allows us to better inform the client about his or her legal rights and responsibilities and their practical implications.

Legal issues — pending divorce or relationship breakup, a dispute with a landlord or roommate, getting turned down for an apartment or job due to bad credit, a citation from the police, etc. — often contain underlying, non-legal concerns such as emotional distress or financial worries.  Like an iceberg, one aspect of the issue is easily seen. The submerged part, though not visible, is equally as important.

In seeking to protect their legal, financial, and emotional health, our goal is to make it easier for students to focus on their academic objectives.

Student Legal Services has been alleviating legal and non-legal problems since the late 1960s, doing our part to help the University of Washington achieve its impressive academic retention rate of 92%.


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