About this website

This website serves as our first purely digital catalog for the 2016 MFA + MDes Thesis Exhibition, which was on view at the Henry Art Gallery May 27 – June 26, 2016.

Here you will also find profiles on our Art History MA + PhD Graduates of the class of 2016.

Work on the website was done by School of Art + Art History + Design staff members, primarily Leena Joshi with assistance from Merith Bennett and Jeanette Mills.


About the School of Art + Art History + Design

The University of Washington School of Art + Art History + Design engages and educates students in the essential and cutting edge issues of visual history and literacy, the creative process and visual communication, and innovative and socially responsible design. We work closely with leaders in the arts and business communities to ensure that our students understand the role that this education will play in their future success as professionals and global citizens.

For more information about the School, visit our website.


Website image credits:

All installation images of the 2016 MFA + MDes Thesis Exhibition are by Mark Woods unless otherwise noted.

Images of the 2016 MFA + MDes opening reception at the Henry Art Gallery (Home page slider images 1, 7 + About page, last image) are by Joanna Lee.

Our Faculty

Jamie Walker, Director

Division of Art 

David Brody
Rebecca Cummins
Ann Gale
Ellen Garvens
Layne Goldsmith
Philip Govedare
Denzil Hurley
Aaron Flint Jamison
Doug Jeck
Curt Labitzke
Zhi Lin
Amie McNeel
Helen O’Toole
Shirley Scheier
Brandon Siscoe
Michael Swaine
Timea Tihanyi
Jamie Walker
Mark Zirpel

Division of Art History 

Susan Casteras
Meredith Clausen
Ivan Drpić
Sonal Khuller
Estelle Lingo
Stuart Lingo
Adair Rounthwaite
Haicheng Wang
Marek Wieczorek
Robin Wright

Division of Design

Sang-gyeun Ahn
Karen Cheng
Jason Germany
Annabelle Gould
Justin Hamacher
Theodore (Tad) Hirsch
Kristine Matthews
Dominic Muren
Christopher Ozubko
Axel Roesler