Geoff Gray

Geoff Gray

Designer Statement

A multidisciplinary designer and developer with a penchant for typography, my background includes design for exhibits, books, websites, branding, user interfaces and user experience. Recently, I have been working in data visualization for virtual reality environments, a relatively unexplored area with a range of potential applications.


For his thesis, Geoff set out to explore the potential of the immersive experience of virtual reality for the exploration of data sets. On this journey he battled difficult sample data sets and technical set up problems that didn’t stop him from delivering a live immersion demo that illustrates principles for the control of views on 3-dimensional VR data visualizations.”

– Axel Roesler, Associate Professor of Interaction Design



  • Axel Roesler (Interaction Design)
  • Tad Hirsch (Interaction Design)
  • Christian Mark Schmidt