Heather Nibert

Heather Nibert

Artist Statement

Painting the landscape enables me to create artworks that combine my visual and experiential perception of a specific location. Being aware of – and open to – the phenomenological aspects of the landscape allows the work to manifest inner reflections of this outer attentiveness. My concentration is on the impression of place. I find the essential characteristics of a place in order to show my perception of reality. My paintings are about an envelope of light, a unifying color to suggest light and atmosphere. The act of working in the studio differs from observation in that I use my personal intuition and interpretation to make sense of the reality I experienced. Recently I have been looking out from a skyscraper observatory, allowing me to observe different aspects of atmosphere and light from a higher vantage point. From this height I can view the distant forms on the horizon, the observatory allows me to gaze at vast space. My paintings of the city are about a particular time and place in which I observed the city. 

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Heather observes the subtle light and the gentle movement of form through the Seattle landscape. Her drawings and paintings from the Columbia Center Tower have been composed and re-drawn, built up and wiped away, exposing the residue and changing atmosphere of the image. The slight shifting color temperature reveals masses of buildings turning their facades to the horizon.”

– Ann Gale, Professor of Painting + Drawing



  • David Brody (Painting + Drawing)
  • Ann Gale (Painting + Drawing)
  • Zhi Lin (Painting + Drawing)
  • Helen O’Toole (Painting + Drawing)
  • Narangkar Glover
  • Ryan Weatherly



  • Installation view from the 2016 University of Washington MFA + MDes Thesis Exhibition.
  • Sky View by Heather Nibert
  • Sky View by Heather Nibert
  • Sky View by Heather Nibert