Benjamin Gale-Schreck

Artist Statement

Benjamin Gale-Schreck is an interdisciplinary artist, residing in Seattle Washington. Gale-Schreck’s practice resonates with familial relationships and generational departures. Through object based performance and collaboration, the work weaves the present and the past. Born in Carlock Illinois he later moved to Boulder Colorado to attend the University of Colorado at Boulder, where he graduated with a BFA in Sculpture, as well as a BA in Art History in 2013. Learning through the reciprocal exchange of teaching, Gale-Schreck worked as an educator as well as fine art fabricator, until moving to Seattleto pursue an MFA from the University of Washington Seattle, graduating in 2016. In addition to national tours showcasing performance with the Flinching Eye Collective, recipients of The Idea Fund funded by the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts in 2014, Gale-Schreck’s work has been exhibited nationally and internationally, with exhibitions in Valdivia Chile, Cuernavaca Mexico, Bethlehem Palestine; Houston, TX, Brooklyn, NY, among others.

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Portrait: Douglas Manelski

Benjamin Gale-Schreck, 3D4M MFA

Recalling Childhood (excerpt from performance) 2015
Performed at the Biennial of the Americas,
Denver, Colorado 2015

[blockquote author=”Michael Swaine, Assistant Professor, 3D4M” pull=”normal”]”Ben Gale-Schreck is the type of student who might make all of his fellow students and faculty members sign a several page liability waiver, something that if shortened would read: Your life is about to be in severe danger, sign here on the dotted line. Afterwards we would all be thankful. Ben’s projects will stick with you. Both literary they are sometimes sticky, made of corn syrup and also they will be etched into your memory because of their amber glow. He will always create work that is unique in a sensorial experience. Your eyes and ears and nose will remember his work.”[/blockquote]


Doug Jeck, Michael Swaine, Scott Lawrimore, Tivon Rice