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Comments from Teachers about the VIOLENCE AND MEDIA PROJECT

They grow up in front of the TV with all this media and music and no one has ever sat down and said 'this is what's happening and this is what's going on'. For the first time for a lot of them they say, 'I don't want to be manipulated' and that's the strength of what we're doing.
8th grade Health teacher

It’s the best unit I taught all year. It fits well into the language arts program… it resulted in the best responses from students, parents, and the community. The students learned a great deal about how to be an educated consumer of media.
6th grade Language Arts teacher

This is critical information that is as important as learning how to read or write.
6th grade Language Arts teacher

There is never a lesson that is boring, They (students) are immediately engaged because this is something everybody deals with all the time and it's pervasive in society. The empowerment and knowledge that they get about themselves and how other people see them is very good for this age group.
8th grade Social Studies teacher

This information should be mandatory—not an option.
8th grade Language Arts teacher

This is a useful lesson. Kids are learning more about what violence is and how to avoid it and how to settle problems differently. I think it's important to keep going. Having the kids do a creative project… a lot of kids say we don't do enough creative stuff in schools so having them create something was important.
High school Drama teacher

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