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Historic Victory in Duane Storti's Lawsuit

In 2003, Associate Professor Duane Storti (Mechanical Engineering) sued the University
charging that President McCormick had violated the Faculty Code when he refused to allocate funds for the 2% annual merit salary increase that is guaranteed as part of University salary policy. On March 17, 2006 the University of Washington Regents agreed to settle the case. The settlement restores the lost 2% raise and awards $17.45 million in back pay to more than 3,000 faculty members. Most importantly, the settlement and the Oct 25, 2005 summary judgment by Superior Court Judge Mary Yu establish that the  Faculty Code (University Handbook) is an enforceable contract and cannot be ignored just because the administration finds it to be inconvenient. This is an historic victory that will shape governance at the University of Washington and potentially other schools for decades to come.

Below is more information about the settlement and about Duane Storti's three-year long effort on behalf of UW faculty and the Faculty Code.

Here is the settlement filed in court March 17, 2006:

A summary of what if means:
UW Faculty News- 2% Lawsuit Settlement: What does it mean? (March 17, 2006)

News coverage in local papers:
UW to give $17.45 million in back pay (Seattle PI, 3-17-06)

UW to pay faculty $17.5 million in back pay to settle lawsuit (Tacoma Herald, 3-17-06)

Superior Court Justice Mary Yu's October 25, 2005 ruling:
UW Faculty News- Big Victory in Duane Storti 2% case (Oct 25, 2005)

Duane Storti initially sought redress using University adjudication procedures, but President Huntsman insisted that adjudication panels had no authority to hear the complaint. So Storti found an attorney and took it to court. Here is the original adjudication attempt:

Adjudicating the 2% issue Duane Storti files grievance  (Dec. 5, 2002)

Adjudication Petition

Notice of Request for Adjudication