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UW Campus Events

Fall 2016 1 Credit Class: Disability 101: Identity, Education, Leadership, and Careers

This seminar, directed toward students with disabilities and others, introduces students to people and programs that value the experience and diversity that people with disabilities bring to UW campuses. Through seminar discussions, students learn about disability-related leadership opportunities (e.g. student advocacy groups, student government, a campus cultural center), interesting campus units (e.g. the Disability Studies Program, the Access Technology Center, Disability Resources for Students, the International DO-IT Center), and exciting career fields that students with disabilities may be particularly interested in (e.g. political science, rehabilitation medicine, neural engineering, and others).

Adaptive Yoga at the IMA !

Adaptive yoga classes are smaller than traditional classes, allowing for a more hands-on approach. Yoga poses are adapted for people with physical limitations due to a range of conditions (paralysis, amputation, MS, stroke, etc.) Classes incorporate breathing exercises and relaxation/meditation. Participants may practice in a sturdy chair (provided), thick mat (provided), wheelchair, or their own yoga mat. View the schedule on the IMA course site.

Scholarship Opportunities

View scholarship opportunities on the Office of Merit Scholarships, Fellowships & Awards

Nicholas J. Deleonardis scholarship: posted deadline Oct 31, 2016

This is a new scholarship available for students who are interested in noninvasive technology for Deaf / hearing communication – and it’s open to full-time graduate and undergraduate students.

Internship Opportunities

Google Internships and Student Programs

Google hosts a variety of programs including internships for juniors.  Check out google.com/students/programs for more information.

Career Development and Students with Disabilities

Recent changes in federal legislation regarding employment are benefiting people with disabilities now more than ever. DRS, Career Services and DO-IT are partnering on creating resources and information as you embark on your transition to work after the UW.

UW D Center

The D Center strives to create an inclusive, accessible space affirming of all bodies, minds and identities by fostering a culture of social justice and pride. D Center Facebook Page

UW Disability Studies Events and Programs

Disability Studies at the University of Washington involves a multi-campus interdisciplinary group of faculty, staff, students and community members, who share an interest in questions relating to society’s understanding of disability.