Disability Resources for Students

We did it as a team

After being accepted to the Evans Master’s Degree Program, I began to wonder how was I ever going to get through the mounds of reading material having recently suffering from Bell’s Palsy with left-sided dry eye syndrome from going through cancer treatment…

Well, I somehow came across the DRS.  I believe it was in my registration or enrollment packet.  Anyhow, I had a lot of pride and ego that held me back from accepting that I now had a disability.  So, with a visit to the DRS office I inquired.  The staff was SO gracious and made my visit comfortable.  I met with a staff member named Michael.  In the interview, Michael explained the different options and resources available for me based on my disability.  “WOW!”,  I said to myself, “With these DRS services, I CAN get through this Master’s program”!

The live readers, books on CD and the “secret” in-class note taker programs were a great help to me.

THANK YOU! UW DRS for “rescuing” this stubborn, prideful 20-year veteran firefighter from his academic woes!! WE DID IT as a team!

May I someday be able to pay forward what you did for me, or in some other manner someday in my future.  If a firefighter can do it, so can you!

Firefighter Mike

New Excitement

You have given me a newfound excitement to learn!!

-Medical Student

Making a difference

Your help makes such a big difference to me. Thank you.

-Social Work Graduate

Across the Finish Line

I have started a new job and wanted to let you know how much you helped me get through the last year of my BASW.

-Social Work Undergraduate, 2013