Disability Resources for Students

Accommodation Reconsideration (for Instructional Personnel)

Faculty have the right to object to a Disability Resources for Students (DRS) approved academic adjustment or auxiliary aid in their program or classroom if they have concerns about the impact to the educational delivery or outcome of the course. Below are the steps to engage in a process to raise the concern for discussion and review. In all cases the approved accommodation will need to be active and implemented during the dispute resolution process until an alternative decision, if any, is made to modify or alter it. This process is aligned to UW Policy: Reasonable Accommodation of Students with Disabilities (SGP Chapter 208)

Step 1

  • Upon receipt of a DRS Faculty Notification Letter (FNL), with stated approved accommodations, faculty need to immediately engage with the listed DRS Access Coordinator to seek a consultation regarding the specific concerns.
  • DRS Staff and course Faculty will engage in a review of the accommodation and the perceived impacts of implementation in the course/program. DRS will review student file and approval process to attempt to resolve/address faculty concerns as soon as possible.
  • If needed, DRS staff will engage in the fundamental alteration process to review concerns per the relevant decision making framework and engage as necessary the faculty/academic department. DRS will share outcomes and decision of process with course/program Faculty.

Step 2

  • If Faculty disagrees with DRS final determination in Step 1, they will have 10 business days from receiving any notice to submit their concerns and dispute to identified administrators in Compliance Services and Academic Student Affairs (e.g., ADA/Section 504 Coordinator and Vice Provost for Academic and Student Affairs) for appeal.
  • The identified administrators, or stated designee(s), will have 15 business days once the case is received to engage with faculty, DRS, student, and work out a final determination.
  • If agreement cannot be reached at the end of an Compliance Services/Academic Student Affairs review:
    • Student will be notified of right to file a grievance or compliant via UW UCIRO and/or OCR.
    • The identified administrators, or stated designee(s), will advise the next level of administration of the impasse.

(Updated 1/2020)