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June 11, 2019

Bike Share Parking 101

The Seattle Department of Transportation and Rooted in Rights have partnered to create a video highlighting the importance of proper bike share parking to maintain accessibility. Visit the SDOT blog for more bike parking tips. To report bike share parking violations on campus, email ​bshare@uw.edu​ – full instructions are in our Reporting Improperly Parked Bike…

April 1, 2019

ADA Notice – Updated Detour near Gowen Hall Area

A section of the accessible pathway along the west side of Gowen/Smith Hall (Spokane Lane NE) will be closed while construction scaffolding is being installed. This closure will not block the accessible entrance to Gowen Hall. The alternate accessible route is along the north side of Suzzallo Library (see detour image). This detour should last…

March 22, 2019

ADA Notice – Detour near Gowen/Smith Hall Area

A section of the accessible pathway next to Gowen/Smith Hall (southwest side) will be closed while construction scaffolding is being removed. This closure will not block the accessible entrance to Gowen Hall. This detour should last until Wednesday, March 27th. Please contact your DRS Coordinator if you experience any access issues in this area.

February 26, 2019

ADA Notice – Improved Sidewalk Access on 15th Ave NE

Construction is continuing on the new Population Health Facility and the contractor has made some improvements to the sidewalk area on 15th Avenue Northeast. In February, we have setup and opened our pedestrian protection connexes on the sidewalk of 15th Ave for public protection of overhead work. This will provide a less disturbed and more…

February 8, 2019

ADA Notice – UW HUB Chilled Water Emergency Repair

Updated: 02/08/2019 For the next 3 weeks starting February 9th, emergency repair workers will install temporary chain link fence and gates (green lines on the map) that will block the UW campus members from accessing a portion of a major pedestrian pathway from the Stevens Way & Benton Ln. bus stop by the South end…

February 5, 2019

UW Map and Live Feeds of Snow Removal Progress

The grounds shop within UW Facilities at the University of Washington clears roads and walkways during snow events to ensure that campus is accessible to University community. To assist visitors, students, staff and faculty navigate campus during these events the grounds shop updates this layer in real time. The updates are automatically pushed to a…

January 24, 2019

How To Report Improperly Parked Bike Shares at UW

Lime bikes parked by UW Stadium

As of October 1, 2018, the University of Washington has a contract with Lime to operate bike share on campus. Below are guidelines and options for reporting and/or removing any bikes  that are improperly parked on campus. When is a bike improperly parked? According to WAC 478-116-199 regarding bicycle parking, at no time shall a…

January 17, 2019

ADA Notice – Savery Hall / Quad Area

Updated: 02/06/2019 Pedestrian Detour Plan #2A and 2B go into effect from February 8th, 2019. This plan will affect the small amount of vehicle traffic on Spokane Lane and delivery/shops trucks. Over the next 3 weeks, scaffolding will be put up on the sides of Savery Hall and the detour should last until to February 22nd, 2019….