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  • Gallucci, V.F., I. Taylor, K. Erzini. 200_. Reproductive value for conservation and probability of extinction for three shark species’ life histories. In manuscript for submission.
  • Hedgepeth, J., V.F. Gallucci, F. O’Sullivan, R. Thorne. 1999. An expectation maximization and smoothing approach for indirect acoustic estimation of fish size and density. ICES J. of Marine Science. 56:36-50.
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Recent Symposia

  • Wakefield Fisheries Symposium. Anchorage, 2003. Assessment and Management of New and Developed Fisheries in Data-Limited Situations. Organizing Committee.
  • AAAS Annual Meeting 2002. Boston, 2002. Not Enough Sea Lions, Too Many Sharks: Global Warming Signal? A 90 minute symposium.
    • Session a]
      Sea Lions and Climate Change...T. Loughlin
    • Session b]
      Shark Abundance Changes: An Unexpected Explosion...V.F. Gallucci, L. Hulbert, and Bruce Wright.
    • Session c]
      Sharks, Pinnipeds and Ecosystem Dynamics...V.F. Gallucci And B. Wright
  • Puget Sound Research Conference 2001. February, 2001
    • Sixgill sharks in Washington Waters: Research Results and Projection Ahead. Gallucci
  • First International Symposium on Coastal and Pelagic Sharks. February, 2000.
    • Methodology for assessment of artisanal fisheries. V.F. Gallucci, Chasco, S. Gaichas, K. Erzini
    • A biogeographic shark database and analysis project for the Pacific Rim. V.F. Gallucci, S. Gaichas, W. Karp.
  • International Symposium on Geographic Information Systems in Fisheries. January, 1999.
    • GIS Education in modern university education. V.F. Gallucci.
    • Organizational structure and function for integrated coastal zone management in the tropical Gulf of Nicoya. J. Campos, M. Mug, V.F.Gallucci.

Prospective graduate students may contact this person about availability as a faculty advisor.

My primary research focus in the last decade is the conservation, management, and population dynamics of elasmobranchs, especially sharks. I also have an interest in the dynamics of benthic populations, primarily macrofauna such as bivalves and crustacea. Both interests are often seen in applications to the management of artisanal fisheries in tropical, developing countries. Both my shark and benthic studies extend from tropical ecosystems to the cold water environments of the North Pacific and Alaskan ecosystems.

Most of my projects are quantitative. Mathematical methods consist of dynamical systems and statistical analyses applied via modeling and risk analyses. I am also interested in policy analyses, negotiation, and natural resource conflict resolution.

Personal Philosophy

One of the primary activities of a committee supervisor is to encourage an atmosphere where meaningful research questions are raised and solutions sought. This atmosphere is built around attitude and training and is enhanced by frequent meetings privately and with the students as a group. In group meetings, new approaches and results are discussed, practice presentations made, and ideas kicked around. The students act as a sounding board for each other, often providing ideas, but always being critical.



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