Jennifer Romich, Director

Jennifer Romich is an Associate Professor in the UW School of Social Work. Jennifer studies resources and economics in families, with a particular emphasis on family budgets and interactions with public policy. Her current and recent poverty-related projects include ongoing research into effective marginal tax rates created by means-tested benefit schedules and the tax system; a study (with WCPC affiliate Bob Plotnick) on the effects of highway tolls on low-income households; research into financial services used by low-income consumers; and an ethnographic study of financial well-being among families served by the Seattle Housing Authority.
Email:​; Phone: 206-616-6121


Marcia K. Meyers, Founding Center Director

Marcia MeyersMarcia K. Meyers is the Narramore Scholar in Poverty and Inequality Studies Professor in the School of Social Work and a Professor at the Daniel J. Evans School of Public Affairs. She studies U.S. welfare, child care and work/family reconciliation policies. Her current poverty-related research focuses on income and social disparities in early childhood education and state-level variation in the adequacy and inclusiveness of social welfare policies.
Email:; Phone: 206-616-4409


Shannon Harper, Research Director

Shannon Harper  works with the WCPC Social Policy Research Fellows to find and develop their research placements, authors written products including the Poverty Flash Series and the Dialogues on Research and Policy, and helps organize the WCPC Roundtables. Prior to joining the WCPC, Shannon worked in Washington, D.C. and Oakland, California, doing research on the effects of welfare reform at the state and national levels.
Email:; Phone: 206-685-7727