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As part of our commitment to bridging social policy research, practice, and policy divides, the WCPC is proud to host ongoing Roundtables on various substantive topics. We believe that policy-relevant research benefits from ongoing dialogues between scholars and practitioners with different types of expertise about policy designs, their delivery, and outcomes. These quarterly Roundtable discussions provide an opportunity for practitioners to think about knowledge needs beyond the day-to-day, and for researchers to think about on-the-ground and political realities that provide context for their scholarship. We also hope that these meetings will help foster relationships that might lead to future collaborations.

We currently host four Roundtable groups:

  • The WCPC Roundtable on Work, Wages, and Economic Security (formerly the Asset Building Roundtable)
  • The WCPC Roundtable on Housing and Poverty, co-chaired with Marty Kooistra (Executive Director, Housing Development Consortium)
  • The WCPC Roundtable on Criminal Justice, co-chaired by WCPC Affiliate Katherine Beckett and Merf Ehman (Executive Director, Columbia Legal Services) 
  • The WCPC Roundtable on Early Life Adversity and Poverty, co-chaired by WCPC Affiliate Paula Nurius and Laura Porter (Co-founder of ACE Interface)

For more information about the Roundtables, please contact Shannon Harper.