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Collaborate with the YRC

We are looking for collaborations that use or extend technologies described on this web site. We particularly encourage studies that combine the use of more than one technology. Please include 1) a brief background of the project and 2) a short justification. Ideally, the application should be accompanied by preliminary data when available. Unpublished results which support the justification will be kept confidential. Applications will be considered on a rolling basis, and for collaborations that are accepted by the YRC, a priority list is established.

How To Submit a Proposal

All collaboration requests should be submitted through our collaborators’ website. Use the registration button to the right to register and log in. Returning collaborators may log in using the form to the right.

Collaboration Policies

  • Collaborations will be undertaken on a first-come first-serve basis.
  • Given the potential for different results for mass spectrometry analysis of protein complexes (based on expertise, cell conditions, etc), we will consider projects involving the same protein complex.

Data Release Guidelines

Ideally all collaborations with the YRC would lead to publications in a timely manner. We recognize that this will not always be the case. We assure you that all data is treated confidentially. Until the release time, only the collaborator will have access to the data. However, it is important that at some point others, in addition to the individual collaborator, should have knowledge of results. In general terms, our policies are:

  • Results obtained from mass spectrometry experiments will be released 12 months after completion of the experiment.
  • Data will not be released without prior discussions and consent from the collaborator.
  • Specific arrangements can be made to justify prolonging the release time.