Yeast Resource Center | External Advisory Board
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YRC External Advisory Board

The Advisory Board has a very real and significant impact on the direction of the YRC. The Advisory Board comprises accomplished leaders in biological and biomedical fields of research that generally reflect the YRC’s own areas of expertise and technology. Every fall this board convenes and actively participates in presentations given by the PI and each co-investigator regarding current projects and future directions. At the conclusion of this meeting, the Advisory Board reviews the direction of the center, the pertinence and impact of the proposed work by the co-investigators, and makes suggestions for changes or additions to the YRC that will positively impact the center’s relevance and adherence to its mission.

Advisory Board Members:

Thomas E. FerrinUniversity of California, San Francisco,
Bradford W. GibsonBuck Institute for Research on Aging, Novato,
Philip GreenUniversity of Washington, Seattle,
Daniel C. LieblerVanderbilt University, Nashville,
Calvin S. McLaughlinUniversity of California, Irvine,
John MoultUniversity of Maryland, College Park,
Jasper RineUC Berkeley, Berkeley,
Mark WineyUniversity of Colorado, Boulder,