Web Sites
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Web Sites

A core mission of the YRC is dissemination of data and results generated through collaboration and technology development. To this end, we have developed several websites to make certain types of data, and data generated from specific projects, easily accessible to the public. See below for descriptions and links to these resources.


Proxl (Protein Cross-linking) is a publicly-available web application developed by the YRC that contains advanced, interactive tools for analyzing, visualizing, comparing, and sharing protein cross-linking data.

Yeast Genotype to Phenotype Project

We sequenced and measured over 14,000 transcript, protein, metabolite, and morphological traits in 22 genetically diverse strains of Saccharomyces cerevisiae. This website provides tool for searching, comparing, and visualizing DNA sequences, transcript levels, and protein expression (to the peptide level) for all genes.

Worm Protein Expression Study (Worm PES)

The Worm PES project comprehensively interrogated protein and proteoform expression across 11 developmental stages of C. elegans. We developed an accompanying large database resource and suite of data visualization tools designed to interrogate how the abundance of proteins and their isoforms change as a function of developmental stage. All the raw data used to develop this resource are available for download.

Philius Transmembrane Prediction Server

Philius is software developed by the Noble lab to predict transmembrane regions and signal peptides in protein sequences. The prediction server allows users to submit protein sequences via the web interface or via web services, and then view their results via the web interface or download them as XML suitable for further post processing.

Yeast Resource Public Image Repository (YRC PIR)

The YRC PIR serves as a specialized data resource for all fluorescence microscopy data generated by the YRC. The YRC PIR currently comprises over 1.3 million images from over 131,000 experimental data files. It provides interfaces for searching, visualizing and downloading data suitable for human viewing or processing by bioinformatics software.

Yeast Resource Public Data Repository (YRC PDR)

Originaly published in 2005, the YRC PDR integrates bottom-up proteomics data, fluorescence microscopy data, yeast two-hybrid data, and protein structure prediction data generated by the YRC. These disparate data are combined into a searchable, protein-centered interface that incorporates data from other protein annotation databases to present all data in biological context. Although some of these data types are no longer the focus of technology development in the YRC, the YRC PDR will continue to serve as a resource for these legacy data.