Student Involvement

HCDE undergraduate and graduate level students are encouraged to collaborate with the CoSSaR team. Students are regularly employed as research assistants on active CoSSaR grants, and have the opportunity to receive “Directed Research Group” (DRG) Academic Credit for certain projects.

For more information on HCDE DRG’s, Visit: HCDE DRG

Upcoming Courses

HCDE 520 Design and Management of Complex Systems (4)

  • Design and implementation of enhancements to complex work systems. Human-centered approaches to the discovery, definition, design and development of technological systems embedded within complex social and organizational systems.  Designing to support decision-making and situational awareness, including sense making and adaptation in ambiguous situations. Focus on design to meet mission needs of complex stakeholders in the context of emerging design and development methods.
  • What would an HCDE student get out of this class?  Designing technology that works well is only half of the battle of building successful socio-technical systems. What about whether it actually gets adopted, or meets the non-technical needs of your audience?  Most technologies do not operate as stand-alone systems, they are an intervention within a greater social ecosystem made of multiple stakeholders, larger missions, shared values and ways of operating. Accommodating these complexities is often the greater challenge or barrier to designing effective and successful technology.  This class addresses those realities and provides some insight and skills for recognizing, considering and incorporating them into your design process. In this class we will use and apply human-centered design principles, approaches and methods to develop a socio-technical solution for a real-world humanitarian organization need.