December 27, 2018

Maritime information sharing

The CANUS project is a joint US-Canada initiative to evaluate a new information sharing architecture and related practices for the Puget Sound Maritime Community.

Over the past three years, the CANUS Maritime Information Sharing Pilot Project: Puget Sound (CANUS) evaluated the effectiveness of enhanced radar detection capabilities along the Pacific Northwest international maritime border. This pilot project, which ran at several U.S. units, ushered in new capabilities enabling enforcement personnel to detect, monitor, analyze, and share radar tracks of small and previously dark vessels. Any vessel that is not broadcasting identifying information is considered a dark vessel; many ships fall into this category because they are small and thus not required to transmit that data. The CANUS project extended Canadian dark vessel radar coverage, leading to new U.S.-Canadian information sharing opportunities. This pilot project resulted in “game-changing” gains for U.S. and Canadian maritime law enforcement agencies, enabling them to more effectively plan and execute their missions.

Download the executive summary from Year 1 here, download the executive summary from Year 2 here, and download the executive summary from Year 3 here to learn more about the CANUS pilot project.

Interested in access to the full report? Please contact CoSSaR for the password to download it here:
U_CANUS-Final-Report-V5_Final.pdf (9 downloads)