The Center for Social Science Computation and Research

March 9, 2020

CSSCR Response to Corona Virus Classroom Closures

During these last two weeks of Winter Quarter our classroom labs will be closed. We will be opening our drop-in computer labs for student use for as much of the time as staffing allows during the day but will be closed at 5pm rather than 9pm throughout the week. Our main office will also likely experience periodic closures between 9AM and 5PM.

Our drop-in consulting services for students/faculty will be operating on a “on-line” basis (see next paragraph) and we will be taking requests for consultation via email at and then matching clients to consultants for individual on-line consultation. We hope this will initially meet your needs, as we develop some other on-line alternatives.

If you are in need of consulting please send a note to and we will route your note to an available consultant who will then contact you. In your note please use “Need Consulting” in the subject line and 1) briefly describe your problem/consultation need and 2) identify, by name or description, if you have previously met with one of our consultants—it will likely be efficient if we can match you with someone that has already been helping you.

If you are not responded to within a few working hours (8am to 5pm M-F) please feel to send a follow-up request.