The Center for Social Science Computation and Research


Priorities of Use

There is more demand than equipment at CSSCR, so there may be times when you will be asked to move from a piece of equipment. Classroom labs are used for overflow when the drop-in lab is full, but only when no courses are scheduled. You may be asked to leave a classroom lab before the start of a course. The consultant staff in Savery 119 can provide information on when labs are scheduled.

Use of Machines

Because of the tremendous demand for our machines, game playing of any sort is not allowed on our equipment. CSSCR labs are public spaces and therefore should not be used for any materials of a prurient nature.

Food and Drinks

Foods have the potential to leave a mess and, at worst, cause damage to computers. Therefore if you bring food into a lab, keep it in a sealed container and do not eat it. We realize, however, that this is Seattle, so water bottles and coffee are seemingly mandatory. Please keep liquids in a container with a secure lid. Please be careful, and don’t drink over the keyboards or monitors.

Printer Policies

Printing at CSSCR is available through the Dawg Prints service. Stop by Savery 119 to pick up your printed pages. For questions and more information, visit the Dawg Prints website.