The Center for Social Science Computation and Research

In-Person Consulting and ONLINE Virtual Consulting @ CSSCR

CSSCR provides consulting on statistical/quantitative and qualitative analysis software, data management, data access, and scientific publications.

Autumn Quarter 2021 marked a returned to in-person consulting services during the week Monday – Thursday 8AM-6PM and Friday 8AM-5PM.

We have also continued offering online service during the day during these same hours, as well as in the evenings from 6PM-9PM Monday through Thursday.  Daytime online service is simply accessed by sending a note to with a brief description of your needs. Online evening service is available by sending a similar note to A brief outline of your problem/need helps us route you to the appropriate consultant. In both cases, we will reach out to you and schedule an online meeting with an appropriate consultant. 

In-Person Consulting Services!

Computational consulting is a core service of CSSCR. We staff a Consulting Office in Savery 119 five days a week during the academic year. Our consulting staff comprises graduate students from our member departments who have extensive knowledge of and experience with a wide range of statistical software and methods. They represent a range of disciplines intended to meet the needs of our various member departments and schools, as well as the needs of the general student population of the University.

The Consulting Office is staffed to accommodate drop-in appointments on a first come, first serve basis. Individual consultants’ hours also vary based on their quarterly schedules and availabilty. If all of our consultants are already occupied at the time of your visit, or if you would wish to set up an appointment in advance, please send an email to and describe the problem so we may direct you to a consultant with skills tailored to your issue.

Data Access and Management

CSSCR maintains an electronic data archive and offers help in acquiring data from other sources. We are a member of the Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR); see the link in the sidebar for more information. CSSCR is also a distribution site for U.S. Census Materials in electronic form. Most of our Census data is for the State of Washington, but there is some U.S. national data, see the link in the sidebar for census/ACS data.

CSSCR also has an active CDROM Archive, available at the sidebar link to the right.

Most of our data is available via the Internet. Our Online Data Archive is accessible to University of Washington students, faculty and staff. If we do not have the data you are interested in please contact Tina Tian, our Data Archivist.

Also, data Archivist supports in finding and using research data for your dissertation/thesis research projects, class projects and more, email Tina Tian at or stop by in Savery 113.

Computer Services

For questions regarding computing equipment, software, and print services, contact staff in Savery 110 or send a note to
For more information on any of our consulting services, call (206) 543-8110 or stop by Savery 110.