The Center for Social Science Computation and Research

September 29, 2020

Autumn Quarter 2020

Dear All:

The start of the Academic Year 2020-21 finds CSSCR mainly operating online. With the current social distancing measures in place and the fact that Savery Hall is basically closed to the outside, CSSCR is operating our consultant services fully online and our day to day in-person office operations and other services are primarily open by appointment only (see below for access to some in-person services). Both of our instructional classroom computing labs and the drop-in computer lab remain closed for the whole of Autumn quarter.

CSSCR Drop-in statistical /software consulting services are fully online and to access consulting help simply send a note to briefly stating your problem and whether you had previously worked with a specific consultant. We will then route the appropriate consultant to you. Hours for Autumn Quarter will be M-F 8am-9pm. (CSSCR is closed weekends and holidays.) NOTE: How this service will be accessed may change during the quarter but we will remain online for the duration.

CSSCR Main Office is closed with staff working remotely as much as possible. Staff can be reached via If you have questions or need to communicate with key staff please send a note during our business hours M-F 8am-5pm. We will arrange meetings primarily online but have the ability to meet in-person following our approved Covid safety guidelines.

Data services will be online and accessed simply by sending a note to

Our secure data room is available by appointment only. Access is per our approved safety protocol and limited to one user at a time. If you need access please contact Access by appointment will be limited to between the hours of 9AM to 4PM M-F.

The CSSCR drop-in computer lab remains closed though this may be revisited if changes are made to current distancing policies. The classroom labs are all closed and will remain so throughout the quarter.

CSSCR workshops will be offered both in synchronous and asynchronous modes. These will be announced by mid-October in our newsletter. For instructors, if you have a specific need of a workshop for your class (e.g. an introduction to R) contact us at and we can see if we can meet your course’s need.

Finally, any questions can be directed to Our experience with this past Spring and Summer Quarters suggests we can maintain a high level of service so please reach out to us if you have research/instructional needs or questions about what we can provide. We are prepared to be as flexible as possible and respond to your needs as best as possible while maintaining a high level of safety for staff and clients.

Our best wishes to a successful start of the academic year.

Best regards,


Jerald R. Herting, CSSCR Director